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How important is web video? Very…

by | Dec 1, 2013 | Blog

Web based video is huge and growing. The online research firm comScore recently released some details on just how much video is being watched on the web, and the numbers are impressive. In the U.S. the total number of videos viewed online topped 42.6 billion, from a total of 184 million unique viewers averaging 21.1 hour each. Thats a massive amount of online video content being consumed.

Where are folks going for all this content? Well, for the most part they are going to Youtube.com, where almost half of all videos viewed are accounted for and 161 million of the unique viewers. Facebook and VEVO were nearly tied for second, with a pile of other social sites following along behind. This highlights how easily users can access online video, and how happy they are to do so. It is also important to note that these videos are being viewed and shared primarily on social networks.

On comScore’s website there are some fantastic charts and tables set up to give some insight into the nature of all that video and how it is being consumed. Take a look by clicking on the link here: comScore Online Video Rankings