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Social Media and your ROI

by | Dec 15, 2013 | Blog

Social media is the biggest thing going right now when it comes to getting your business involved in online marketing. However, it seems that there is an increasingly large number of businesses and organizations who take the wrong approach to getting involved in the whirlwind.

Often, businesses big and small, will hire young employees to manage their social media presence based solely on the notion of that generations savvy relationship with things like Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, this is often the worst thing a business can do, as those socially savvy hipsters use social media for hanging out with their friends and sharing, and not for the purpose of business. If you are going to use social media for your business, then social media should be about your business – and ROI (Return on Investment) should be a sizable consideration.

Entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk thinks so-called social media experts are “clowns”, and that you need to take the right steps to ensure you are taking the right approach. Watch Brian Elliot interview to hear Gary share his insights.