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Where are you in the Domain Name universe?

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Blog

Your brand is a critical part of your business and the name is half the battle. More often than not brands do not put as much value on domain management as they should. Registering your domain might seem like a small detail in the bigger picture but often it can make all the difference. The same attention to detail should be invested in your domain as you would invest in storefront signage or selecting the right location for your business. The folks over at domainnamesales.com have come up with a rock solid infographic to help you avoid domain disasters like: poolife.com, therapistsfinder.com or IPallover.com.

The right choice of domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs. Avoid cutting corners and taking the easy road. Ideally you should use short, descriptive, generic and easily identifiable adjectives when choosing your domain, and avoid the use of dashes, made-up terms, broken language or excessively long names. An example of the ideal domain is Diapers.com, a short domain that gets right to the point. The URL gets 106 million unique visitors, 50% of which found the domain using the search term “diapers”, which serves up diapers.com in number one spot on Google search engine.

Let DangerDynamite safely guide you through the minefield of selecting an effective domain name!

The most common folly is to immediately jump on your business name as your domain choice. While this is the obvious choice, your business name does not always reflect the nature of your business, is not search friendly, and may not be particularly memorable. To use the company name of HESManufacturing.com as an example, this might be the first choice in a domain name. However, hopperbottoms.com is much more memorable for your target audience and immediately speaks to the products they provide. While hopperbottoms.com may not be the choice preferred by everyone, owning the bold, generic single word or multi-word phrase that describes your services sends a powerful message to competitors and industry.

Likewise, securing your brand related domains is a smart move. Grabbing up the negative domains is just as important as the positive ones. For example, Facebook has secured numerous anti-facebook domains to help avoid PR wars with online trouble makers. As .com domains become ever more scarce, lock down your brands, and your personal, domain names sooner rather than later. Take a look at the following infographic for some interesting stats and inspiration.