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2013 Consumer Choice Award for Web Search Engine Optimization

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Blog

How awesome is that? Work hard and get rewarded it seems. This is the second award we have received this year, the first being the 2012 Bridges Award for Best Website for our hard work on the new website we launched for Studio 2.0 last summer. This year we are being recognized for the great results we have turned out for our SEO clients and getting them to new heights in search rankings. We have received the 2013 Consumer Choice Award for Web Search Engine Optimization, pretty sweet!

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization you ask? In a nutshell it is the science of encouraging search engines to attribute more authority and relevance to a given website. To elaborate, search engines like Google and Bing display sites for any given search query based on those websites perceived authority and relevance. Search engines use algorithms which look at a sites page content (relevancy) and factors which contribute to authority such as inbound page links and other referral type activity. The better and more relevant a website content and the more respected and legitimate the inbound references the high search engines will rank a website.

How do we make a site more relevant and authoritative?

We start by looking at the website itself and how it’s content is structured. Ensuring pages contain appropriate content keywords which relate to the terms used in searches ensures that your website is seen as relevant to a search engine. We also look at the sites architecure and code (website design matters for SEO) to ensure it is easy for search engines to catalogue the site and its content. Once we are confident a website is fully search engine optimized we then look at the external factors that build authority.

In a nutshell links are like votes, the site with the most (and highest quality) votes gets moved to the top of the search results. Unlike an election, the battle doesn’t end once a website gets enough votes to be crowned champion, it needs to keep getting more votes (or links) than its competition. In short, a site must have relevant content, lots of links and a continuous campaign of SEO management to stay on top of search rankings.

Similarly, search engines are more frequently looking at factors such as social media presence to determine a website’s authority. They look at things like what social media outlets a website or brand is present on, the influence the brand has on their followers, how active the brand is in their chosen social media networks and how much of a following a brand has in any given social media network. If you are involved in the conversation on social media your have authority in the eyes of search engines. A solid Social Media Campaign and policy ensures you are on everyone’s mind, even Google and Bing!

So, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of managing a given website, so it can be found in search engines for appropriate words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. Think of it like reputation quality control for a website.

So if links are like votes does a site just need a lot of links to get to #1 in rankings?

Not a chance, the game isn’t quite that simple, quantity cannot be replaced by quality. Lots of SEO companies will sell you a set volume of low value links, run away! They are essentially spammers looking for a quick buck without adding any value to your search rankings, a handful of high quality links from authoritative resources will have far greater influence over your search results than thousands of low value links sold by SEO spammers.

Great site content combined with the very best links from the most authoritative sites and search engine success will be the result. DangerDynamite has been recognized as a leader in SEO, let us help manage your websites reputation and get you elected king of search in your field!