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Small Business – Big Ideas: Internal Communication with Podio

by | Nov 2, 2014 | Blog

Every now and then we stumble upon something that makes our working days easier. This article focuses on how we utilize different products and services, and how you might be able to implement them in your day-to-day operations and help make your business better.

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Internal Communication with Podio

Internal communication is crucial to the success of our business. On any given day, we might have three or four projects on the go that are spread across different peoples desks. One person might be working on killer graphics for a website, while another is working on the basic structure and function of a website. Someone may be putting together video for a client, while another is working on a cutting edge advertisement to put up on YouTube or post across social media. In any case, being able to communicate ideas and stay on the same page makes the process run a lot smoother.

We’ve tried a couple different methods to handle our day-to-day communication, ranging from free services to expensive, group text messages and the obvious email chains. Each one has had their strengths and weaknesses, but we think we’ve finally found the one that fits perfectly for us: Podio.

Podio is basically like Facebook for our business. Allowing all of our team members to be in the conversation- posting projects, videos, ideas, photos, and anything else that might be part of our day to day operations.

We’ve been able to customize it to our exact needs, and it’s expansion capabilities mean that we’ll likely be able to find what we need to manage a project whenever we need it. It saves us time by putting everything in one place, and keeps our email inboxes uncluttered (and since we deal with a lot of email every day from clients, this is a HUGE reason we like this service so much).

While it is a paid service, we find it’s a bargain for what it provides us. It even offers the ability to add external members to collaborate on projects for free, giving us the ability to add contractors and freelancers to a project in order to keep things on track.

By making sure that our team is always on the same page, Podio helps our small business run efficiently every day, and by taking the headache out of internal communication, lets us put more time and energy into creating high quality design for our clients.