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Small Business – Big Ideas: Get in touch with RingCentral

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Blog

Every now and then we stumble upon something that makes our working days easier. This article focuses on how we utilize different products and services, and how you might be able to implement them in your day to day operations and help make your business better.

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Get in touch with RingCentral

When was the last time you used your cell phone to actually make a phone call? For a lot of people these days, the answer might be:

“You mean my iPhone can actually do that?!”

But for businesses, the phone is alive and well. A lot of people still prefer to pick up a phone and talk to someone- I think it has a soothing effect on a lot of people to know that there is a real person somewhere that cares (hopefully) about your problem.

As a small business, we started out just by using our personal cell phones as our work phones, as a lot of people these days are doing. But as we grew and phone calls started to become more regular, we decided to add a little something extra. Enter RingCentral, a cloud based calling system.

Gone are the days where you had to spend ,000 on a system from your local telecommunications provider that would link a bunch of office phones together in one location and give you a business number that customers could call. For a fraction of that, we have the exact same functionality in a mobile setting. For example, someone can call our toll free number, and it’ll ring on three different peoples cell phones. Anyone can pick it up, transfer to a different extension, put a call on hold; all the things you would expect from a big fancy system.

It also gives us the ability to set our business hours. Which is nice for the weekends when Ricky is floating down the South SK river, or Frank has someone in a headlock, that our personal time can stay personal. A lot of people will tell you that in order to stay sane you have to have a bit of separation from work and play, and while we’re not the best at that (you can often find us messaging each other back and forth at midnight about some new idea), this handy feature can help.

Custom voicemails, greetings, and hold messages all add to the value of this service, but when it comes to clients trying to reach us, RingCentral has definitely added to our business.