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Where social media and SEO meet.

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Blog

Long considered completely separate realms, the world of search engine optimization and social media are gradually coming together. Search engines have realized there is much to learn about how we interact with brands on social networks, and have begun going to great lengths to weave social media into their complex ranking algorithms. No longer on divergent and confrontational paths, SEO and social media now work together.

If you enter a search query, it is not uncommon to see a tweet, Facebook post or Google+ entry pop up in our results. Search and social media are complementary forces in todays world, often feed off one another to bring us the media we are seeking out. Increasing your Google+ presence with result in noticeable improvements in Google search, while an increase in Facebook engagement will affect Bing rankings. More and more brands and businesses are merging SEO and Social Media into their marketing campaigns to gain the best possible exposure within their target markets.

Strangely enough, even as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management has proven time and again its importance in the marketing world, many companies and organization continue to stick to traditional media and overlook the value of these new marketplaces. While some brands struggle to come to terms with the new digital reality, others are reaping the rewards and breaking into markets long dominated by established players. Search engines rely on their algorithms, combining SEO strategies and Social Media presence, to rank businesses. Companies who actively embrace the new reality of merging Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are finding success while they lead way down this new digital path.

In some cases, brands are even forgoing classic SEO practices like unique title tags or rich anchor text in favor of high value content to encourage sharing, engaging in complex Social Media Campaigns and SEO programs to generate high interest organic engagement. Focusing on how users engage with their content on channels like Facebook, Google+, twitter and LinkedIn gives businesses the ability to measure the interaction and reaction to their content and adjust accordingly on the fly. Companies with cohesive social and SEO efforts are seeing positive outcomes, the new reality is that when social and SEO play nice, brands are more in tune with their target demographic and easier to judge for search engines.