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Grow Twitter Without Being TeamFollowBack

by | Aug 2, 2015 | Blog

Are you one of those people looking to grow on Twitter WITHOUT having to follow everyone back? Are you annoyed with having to constantly find new websites and ways to grow your followers when all the people eventually unfollow you? Are you just new to Twitter & simply looking for an easier way to get Followers? Well, if you are one of the three then help is on the way. Using my personal experience along with a few of my followers experience I have established 5 ways to grow your Twitter without being #TeamFollowBack.

1. Advertise on other Social Media Outlets:

One of the quickest and most simple ways to build up your followers is to let your friends on other Social Sites know. My first followers came from me logging into my Facebook account and posting a status letting all my friends know I had created a Twitter Account. On Sites such as Blogger and YouTube, most people have a fan base who love their blogs or videos so much that they want a peek into their lives just a little more. If you have a Blogger or YouTube account let your fans know you have a Twitter page and that it is for them to get to know you on a more personal level.

2. Mix Business with Twitter:

If you have your own business including your Twitter on your website or business card is a great tool for more followers. If you are selling products or offering services this is very beneficial because you can do special giveaways or discounts through your Twitter which increases not only your followers but also your clientele. Twitter is also useful for up-and-coming actors and models because not only can your include your Twitter on your comp card but you can also interact with new directors and photographers on Twitter. If your business grows from this you can even create a Twitter page dedicated to your business!

3. Keep up with Trending Topics:

One very creative thing about Twitter is that it lets you know what topics are trending worldwide, in a country, in a state, or in a city every single day. By dedicating a few tweets to a couple of current trending topics you can obtain a few followers. Whether you are tweeting your opinion on a world crisis, something in pop culture, or your favorite boy band there is likely going to be someone in the world who shares the same opinion.

4. Stay Active & Consistent:

One of the biggest keys to growing and maintaining your followers would be to stay active and consistent. When people no longer see you tweeting they no longer see a point in following you because you no longer add value to their Twitter account anymore. These people may have followed you because your tweets are always hilarious BUT since you hardly tweet they’ll just look for another person to keep them laughing. When it comes to staying consistent this means you have to tweet as often as you can. If you tweet in February then leave and come back in December to tweet people will be uneasy about following you because of the huge span in your timeline. You don’t have to tweet everyday but creating a schedule that is easy to follow would benefit a lot. You can also create your scheduling around the time most of your followers are also active on Twitter.

5. Make your Twitter a Happy Place:

Most people in the Twitter Universe or any social site create their accounts as a way to escape their personal problems which is why it isn’t a good idea to use your account as a depression dungeon. What I mean by this is you don’t want to be the person who is always tweeting about how hard your life is and everything horrible you go through. This personally puts me in a sad or bad mood because it ruins my day and makes me not want to follow or keep them as a “friend”. This doesn’t mean you can’t vent to your followers but try not to make all your tweets dedicated to negative energy because it can interfere with your followers.

In closing, I would like to say that though this article is meant to help you without having to be #TeamFollowBack I have no problem with people doing it. I do think following at least a couple of people is the only way you can get the full joys out of Twitter. This article however, is just an option for people who are interested in growing their Twitter and actually obtaining followers & following people they have things in common with.

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