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Headshot Photography

by | Nov 3, 2015 | General

If you’ve stopped here, thankfully you recognize the need for a headshot with some explosive impact! It’s safe to say that nobody is impressed anymore with that iphone selfie or that weirdly cropped image with half your friend’s body in the picture? Get the competitive advantage with a killer headshot and stand out for all the right reasons this time. Take advantage of our in-studio or environmental style portrait options to achieve the best possible expression of who you are.

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Headshot photography is an art form full of visual communication. In today’s digitally driven society you have less than 8 seconds to make a positive impression with an image. A great photo of you with last year’s prize from a fishing trip may be one of your best personal photos yet, but what if the message it sends is wrong? Do you want to appear professional, knowledgeable, and yet approachable? Holding a fish in one hand and a beer in the other just won’t cut it for Linkedin, your resume or business advertising profile. A successful, well-crafted headshot image will help in creating that professional business profile you’ve always wanted.

When you book through us you can expect expert advice on proper wardrobe, hair and makeup and skin care tips. All this in the days before the session even starts! Our goal is to provide you with up to 5 images in various poses that best define your personality over a roughly 60 minute session. We shoot tethered directly to a computer so can see the images instantly. That helps us guarantee that we are smashing your expectations out of the park!