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Analytics Made Simple!

by | Nov 3, 2015 | General

Knowing where you stand is half the battle; with our powerful analytics tools you can determine the lay of the land and know exactly where to strike! Measuring your businesses search performance can often be a complicated process. We make it easy to monitor your keywords and ultimately improve search results. With our service you can easily track your keyword rankings, monitor backlink health, optimize pages and analyze competition.

Monitor Keyword Rankings

Track rankings and monitor your essential keywords! When you log into your account you’ll see the same keyword ranking results as any other person would when using search engines like Google, Bing and Google Maps. Always know where you rank in your market and gain control over your digital marketing efforts.

SEO Keywords

Backlink Tracking

Backlink quality plays a significant role in where you rank in search engines. Our system is integrated with Ahrefs, the industry leader in quality analysis of backlinks, giving you access to the most up-to-date link data source outside of Google’s own top secret labs. It pays to investigate every detail of your marketing strategy, monitoring your backlinks and backlink quality is a vital component of your overall success.

Analyze the Competition

Gain an edge over your competition by comparing key marketing metrics. Quickly see your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to determine where your opportunities lay.

Google Webmaster Tools

No SEO profile is complete without website and keyword data straight from Google Webmaster Tools. Analyze top queries, top pages, content keywords and external links.

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Monitor Your Social Media Too!

Integrate your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media accounts and never miss a status update. You can track performance and watch Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers. Or go one step further with detailed statistics analyzing the reach of each of your posts.

Monitor the engagement of your audience, consolidate all of your social feeds and view your latest posts and comments in one area. Stop wasting time logging into multiple accounts and never miss a message or an update again.

To make your life easier, with our interface you can even post to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks all from one place. You can submit a new post on the fly from any device or schedule it to auto post for another time.