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Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 Critical Updates! pt.2

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Website Design and Development

Every website is essentially software, and over time software evolves. Your website and the  CMS (content management system) architecture it is based upon is no different.  

Why does your site need to be upgraded?

  1. Security: 
    1. The security of your website is essential, and we do everything we can to ensure your website is protected via advanced hosting and security tools designed to monitor your websites vulnerabilities.  However, with older software, the vulnerabilities are no longer being patched leaving the site exposed to hacking and phishing.
  2. Software compatibility Issues such as upgrades
    1. Developers for the various add-on components and extension for Joomla typically design their apps for the currently supported version of Joomla.  When a new version of the CMS arrives, the developers move with it.  If issues arise with an extension for an outdated or unsupported CMS version, there is seldom a fix as developer support has ended.  
    2. Similarly, all new component development is done for the current version of the CMS, meaning the latest and greatest functional tools will not be available for your websites older CMS version.  
  3. End of life Cycle
    1. Your CMS is past its “end of life cycle” and is no longer supported! Joomla 1.5 support and development ended in April 2012, and Joomla 2.5 support and development ended in December 2014. This means no new security or software updates are available for your website, and no additional development or support is available for existing components based on the outdated CMS.
  4. Technology advancements
    1. Browsers, devices and how we use the web change constantly.  Generally speaking, website software is designed to be effective and functional on the existing foundations of how we understand the web will be used. However, things evolve.  New browsers and versions, how those browsers interpret website code, web standards, and the technology we use  to view the web (such as the emergence of mobile browsing); can all change drastically. As technology evolves, so to must the architecture of the websites being built.
  5. The dreaded Google penalty
    1. As a Google partner, we have been alerted by Google of some of the issues and concerns they have with sites running old and outdated CMS software.  Google has expressed concerns about usability and security for any sites running older versions of the Joomla CMS.  While they haven’t expressly indicated a penalty has been leveraged, this is always their first step.  It is prudent to ensure sites are current, secure and fully functional in accordance with todays standards; ensuring search engine rank penalties are not issued.

What are my upgrade options?

We need to update your website, this is essential and unavoidable.  We can look at your specific website, its components and your needs to determine the best course of action for you.  This could range anywhere from updating the CMS software and related components to the latest version, or a complete rebuild of the entire website.  This may be a great opportunity to update your online image to match how your business or organization has grown and evolved.  We can work with you to determine the best solution for you moving forward.

How often will I need to upgrade my website software?

Depending on changes in technology, the typical life cycle for a CMS is 3-5 years. With the launch of Joomla 3x, forward compatibility for upgrades is a major consideration of the Joomla development team, hopefully leading to a more streamlined transition to future versions of the software.  Expect to address your site again, but not for a while.