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Salon Grea – Video Shoot

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Video Production

It should go without saying, but an extremely important part of growing your business is telling people about your company and increasing awareness about your brand. The question is, how can you differentiate yourself from the crowd, cast a larger net and attract new clients. One way we are able to help clients tackle this is by providing professional photography and videography to help increase their reach through social media streams. Creating a collection of your own stock photos and video to be used for creating generic content and social media ads can not only save you time and money, but can ensure you have content for future posts.

We have been working with Melissa and Dwayne from Salon Grea, just off of Broadway Ave in Saskatoon, to create generic videos and Facebook video ad campaigns to tell more people about their salon. With over 5,600 generic views and ad campaigns running as low as $0.02 per view, we have seen a significant increase in their social reach and interaction.

We decided to incorporated a photography portion to the project with our up and coming video to promote the unique product lines they carry. This will not only give us great photos to be used in the newest video, but will also give them content to post to promote these products.

We find a lot of people we talk to aren’t quite sure where to start and this is no overnight solution. These things take time and this is where we can help. We will sit down with you and develop a social media plan, within your budget, to take it to the next level. There are so many things to consider and it can seem overwhelming at first, but as we break down and prioritize individual phases of the project, the path will become clear.

To find out more about how DangerDynamite’s team can help you grow your brand awareness and help plan your social media strategy, contact us today and book a 1 hour consultation and planning session!