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Voting for Our Future.

by | Oct 20, 2016 | General

Elections are a touchy topic for a lot of people, and as a business it can be hard to speak up and declare where your allegiances are.  In many cases its a personal thing, or something that is best left within the confines of the hidden ballot.  Other times it comes down to integrity, and standing up for what is fundamentally important as not just individuals, but businesses as well. 

Between now and October 26th we have the chance to choose what direction we want for our city.  As a local business owner, home owner and citizen of Saskatoon, I chose to cast my vote for Charlie Clark, because I fundamentally believe he is the man to get the job done.   For the last ten years he has proven time and again he cares about our city, and he cares about each and every person who lives in our city. I have watched him conduct himself with honesty, integrity and courage not just as a member of city council — but also as a member of the community, as a father to his children, as an active advocate for social justice, as a proponent for environmental stewardship and most importantly as a person who strives every day to be someone people can trust. Charlie is the right choice for our city.

I strongly urge you to get out to vote this election, and really educate yourself on what is at stake and what each candidate brings to the table. Advance voting has already begun, and you can get out and vote now or on October 26th.

Your vote matters, this election matters and who we vote for matters.  

Please visit www.charlieclarkformayor.ca for more information about Charlie and what he stands for.