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Social strategies and media production on the campaign trail!

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Social Media Marketing

Well, that was one hell of an experience!

Over the last few months our crew threw political caution to the wind and opted to invest our time and energy into the election campaign of Charlie Clark — the mayoral candidate we believed to not only be the best option, but the only real option for our city to move forward. We started things off back in June with assisting on the graphic design for the campaign launch, and solidifying the foundations for the social media component of the campaign. Shortly after launch, we handed social media over to Molly Seaton-Fast, the campaigns official and very talented social media coordinator. Later i the campaign we also produced some highly effective videos to push the campaign forward in the final stretch, which is where it really counts. Have a look at the videos we produced and some of the stats below for the social campaign.  We are proud of our work on this project, and the amazing new Mayor we have in Saskatoon as a result! The stats for social over the duration of the campaign and during the final push are impressive (we would show them off, but discretion is important too!), and the engagement with voters and the hard work of an inspired and well organized campaign team got the job done!

The following video, the first we produced for the campaign, recieved a whopping 33,208 views on Facebook!

Our second video, Charlie’s message to the voters of Saskatoon, recived an impressive 28,307 views on Facebook – just day before the election!

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