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5 Tools to help fuel your blog and boost SEO

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dynamic site content is one of the best ways to boost your website’s search engine rankings and improve your overall SEO — and is an essential component to the success of any eisting or new website project. However, adding new content can be a hard thing to do with general site content, as your services, products or information may be relatively static.  That’s where blogging can be incredibly useful in helping move your site up the search rankings, as well as help share your own personality, company values, ideas and valuable expertise with your current and potential audience. Even if you feel your company doesn’t need a blog or doesn’t have blog worthy content, your marketing success depends on it. 

Here are some key points and accompanying tools that might help make writing for your blog more successful: 

1. Get over writers block and start writing

Daily Page

One of the biggest hurdles to writing is actually making it happen. A great way to help get your words flowing is to make writing a daily and habitual affair. Daily Page is an easy-to-use tool  designed to help get you motivated to write something every day and get over that writers block.

2. Stay consistent and regular

Twords: <— no longer exsists

Much like Daily Page, Twords was an app that encouraged you to get writing and finish those articles or blog posts! The key difference with Twords was it encouraged users to stay consistent with blog writing and posting.  This helped with gaining that crucial SEO traction, as studies still show that consistent, regular  and relevant content leads to the biggest upswing in website keyword ranking, traffic and ultimately leads. Twords will surely be missed.

3. Topics made easy

Help me write

Having trouble figuring out what exactly to write about? No problem, just leverage “Help me Write” and ask your audience for input. This app allows you to share your topic ideas on social media to straight up ask your audience what they would like you to write about.  What better way is there to ensure your content is well received? 

4. Stay organized


Not only is Trello an amazing tool for organizing teams and workflows, it is also a great way to keep content flowing.  You can organize your teams, create tasks, generate content ideas and assign them to team members, encourage collaboration, assign due dates and track progress to completion.  Bring your team together and leverage Trello to make collaboration routine and easy.

5. Make sure you got what you write, right!

Sometimes when you have scoured your article a dozen times, you get a little cross eyed and don’t alway catch the errors. Grammarly can help with that, and make sure your content is as mistake free as possible. 

Of course, sometimes everyone needs a little help getting their content jsut right, as always feel free to drop us a line if you have questions or need some professional guidance!