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The Importance of Blogging for Any Business

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you still remember how blogging started out during the late ‘90s? Back then, blogging was simply a new outlet for a person who wanted to share their experiences, feelings, thoughts, opinions, and more. Blogs functioned similarly to a diary or a journal, the only difference being that they were published online. Back then a blog would have a minimal following. But, they sure have grown! Today, blogs are viewed by millions of users – stay-at-home moms and business tycoons alike.

The reasons individuals post blogs are the same as before. But their purpose in the business world has changed, making them an essential tool for you to build your digital presence. Here’s what a blog can do for your business:

Boost Your Website’s SEO

One of the many benefits of blogging for your business is its ability to boost your website’s SEO. Google’s algorithm focuses heavily on content and how often posts and updates are made. If a blog is regularly updated and posts are about relevant topics, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your website’s SEO.

Increase Traffic through Inbound Links

Blogging for your company allows you to get more relevant inbound links that will then direct readers to various parts of your website. Together with SEO, this can allow you to get more traffic to your website and even have visitors spending more time on your website. You can even have new customers from this.

Establish You as an Expert in Your Field

Another known benefit of having a blog for your business is that well-written content actually makes readers and customers more confident in your brand. This benefit, however, is often overlooked. You should always remember that you are writing for your readers who are at the other end of your blog. This may not be your reason for building content, but keeping this in mind will help you create a stronger connection with your prospective customers.

Because people check your blogs for information, when you constantly post relevant and valuable content, they view you as an authority and they are more likely to turn to you when it’s time for them to make a purchase or try a service.

Manage Your Digital Presence

Blogging surely has grown from being just a hobby for some individuals to being a very influential tool for businesses. It has provided an even playing field for all business, whether it’s a small town mom and pop shop or an international brand. You don’t need to be a big company, nor do you need millions of dollars to have a blog. What you simply need is a reliable team to do research on topics relevant to your industry and consistently create blog content for you and your readers and Danger Dynamite is that team. If you want to know more about how we can create and manage your blogs as well as manage your digital presence for you, just give us a call so we can answer all your questions!