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Who is Your Digital Audience and How Well Do You Know Them?

by | Apr 18, 2018 | General

We have all suffered the same embarrassment: we see a good friend from a distance and wave enthusiastically, only to be surprised when she gets close, and we realize that the person we thought was a friend is a complete stranger! A few hours later we’re still trying to figure out what it was about that person that caused us to mistake her for a friend.

Just as we make this kind of honest mistake, websites, too, do not always recognize their true audience.

Every single day, hundreds of new websites pop up to serve various purposes: to market a service, gather a community, voice opinions, and to sell products. More often than not, site owners put all of their energy into creating their websites without realizing that they need to do one important thing first – perform audience research. Many business owners are driven by passion and act on instinct. They believe they know who they’re creating a website for.

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made. It’s very easy to fixate on a target, waste a few months (and potentially a bunch of money) before you realize that you’re not actually hitting the mark!

That is why it is really important to obtain precise customer analytics to safeguard against mistaken identity.

Here are some tips on how you can get to know your audience:

See what your competitors are doing.

Observe their brand and the marketing strategies they use. What is their brand voice like? Try to figure out why they prefer certain images over others, and why they choose specific phrases. It doesn’t mean your competitors all know what they are doing. There is a chance that they suffer from mistaken identity, but even then, you can have a look at what works and what doesn’t.

Take time to read comments.

This is especially important if you do content marketing. You need to know how your audience is responding and how often they are engaging. When you monitor engagements, you can see which topics appeal to your audience and which ones fall flat.

If you want a more straightforward way to find out more about your audience, you can conduct surveys. Surveys in a question format work well. Know, however, that for your audience to actually take part of the survey, you may have to offer an incentive for their participation. You can give tokens or as most customers love – discounts!

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