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Put your best face forward

by | Jul 27, 2018 | General

You’re the face of your brand, and your headshot should tell the story you want others to see.

As a species, humans are naturally visual. We form opinions of individuals and companies around us within the first few seconds of seeing them. Is this person trustworthy? Are they hardworking? Does this company appear professional? These are some of the impressions an audience gathers from a single picture.

It doesn’t matter if you are the most experienced in your field or just getting into the game, your brand influences your level of success. By investing in professional headshots, you show everyone that take your business and your professionalism seriously.

Show Your Face

To be credible as a brand you need to show the real people who make your organization possible. Humanize your brand. And be consistent across all platforms.

So where should you put your headshot?

  1. Your website ‘About Me’ or home page is a great place to start. It gives visitors a way to find someone to connect with and determine who they want to hire or support.
  1. Professional networking sites such as Linkedin are a great place to post a headshot. Headshots make your profile more prominent and less likely to be over-looked by other professionals in an otherwise endless list of “Joe Smiths”.
  1. While social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are more casual, they are certainly one of the top means of connecting with others both socially and professionally, and should portray you just as well.
  1. Other potential places to display your headshot are publications, advertising, online communities, and business cards.

Break The Mold

It is important that photographers take the time to understand your story and how you want to be portrayed. Interesting and relevant locations for a headshot can be utilized to take your headshot to the next level. Are you a realtor? You could have your headshot taken in a nicely staged living room. Do you write travel blogs? Get captured in your element as you attend a foreign market. The possibilities are endless; it just takes a creative eye and knowing what your brand stands for to get you there and standing out.

Stay Current

As you gain exposure and engage more with your audience, the effectiveness of your headshot with associated campaigns will diminish. After all, how you looked three years ago will be much different than you look today. Keep it fresh, renew every couple of years, and let your audience know you are growing as your brand grows too.

We all want to connect with each other and know there is a real person behind the businesses and brands we interact with. Don’t be afraid to show who you are and connect with your audience. In the end an engaged audience invested in your entire story will be a strong and stable audience.

Drop me a line if you’d like to book in for an exciting headshot session. Let’s work together to tell your story!

– Janelle Wallace