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How Important is Your Website’s Mobile User Experience?

by | Jul 28, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design and Development

People today spend hours and hours on their phones and tablets. Some may even say that they spend more time on their smartphones than they do interacting with actual people. It is therefore not surprising that businesses approach and interact with consumers through their mobile websites. That is why mobile user experience is extremely important.

Think about the last time you made an online purchase. Was it difficult to navigate the website? Did you find the product easily? Was the checkout process hassle-free? If you had a great experience buying from a particular website, there is a big chance you’ll choose them when you need to make a purchase again. Just as how a bad user experience will probably keep you from ever checking that website in the future.

Why is Mobile User Experience Important?

Mobile user experience grows in importance as mobile devices continue to be constantly used on a daily basis. Mobile devices trump traditional desktops and laptops as they are easier to use, faster, and more readily available.

Picture yourself riding a bus and caught in traffic. You see something that caught your interest and you want to “Google” it to get more information. Since Google is mobile-friendly, it is very easy to use even with your phone. This scenario is quite common. In fact, these days, Google gets more search queries from users using their mobile devices than it does from those using PCs. Additionally, Google rewards websites that are mobile-friendly. That is why it is important that your website should be ready to accommodate mobile users as their numbers steadily increase.

A few years back, the major concern is that the screen size of mobile devices is a whole lot smaller than desktops and laptops and maintaining readability proved to be a challenge. But having user experience in mind, website designers and developers have come up with solutions that make mobile websites clear, easy to navigate, and easy to consume, in terms of layout, style, and of course, content. As a business owner, you should make sure that your website is able to convey your messages and important information about your products and services on any screen size.

In conclusion, mobile user experience is extremely important due to the number of users that are steadily becoming more and more active and dependent on mobile platforms. So if you want to make sure that your business maintains a strong online presence, then you should have a website that is mobile-friendly both for SEO purposes and more importantly, for your audience.