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How to Expand Your Social Media Audience

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are an amazing tool for businesses. They can give potential customers valuable insight about a product or service. They can also help a business increase its brand recognition. However, before any of this can happen, a business needs to obtain an audience. This may sound like it is much easier said than done, however, there are a number of tips that one can use to increase their business’ social media audience.

Improve Engagements

When posting content on social media, it is important for a business to post something that will “engage” users. Many social media platforms views engagements as actions such as likes, comments, saves and shares. Although there is no science to improving engagements, a business can try things like starting a conversation, making visually appealing content, cross-promoting and spending money on promotion. Although it may take time for these tactics to fully set in, they are great places for a business to start when they are trying to engage more users.

Interact with Users That Engage with Your Content

One of the best tricks for improving a business’ social media following is interacting with users that engage with its content. When a new user likes, comments or shares a business’ content, the business should do the same. This can potentially lead to the user following the business’ social media page.

Utilize Stories

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow users to post “stories”. These are pieces of content that are available for only 24 hours. A great way for a business to interact with users is by sharing their content in their story. This will show users that the business appreciates their customers. On Instagram, if the story becomes popular enough, it can potentially be featured on the “Explore” page. This gives it the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of users.

When it comes to expanding a business’ social media audience, there is sadly no straightforward answer. All businesses are different and will need to take their own path to social media success. However, there are a number of tips that a business can use to improve their social media audience. Some of these tips include improving engagements, interacting with engaged users and utilizing the story feature.

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