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We love working in a creative industry, but it’s not always easy to stay inspired and excited all the time. Like many industries, our work as a digital marketing agency relies on a constant influx of ideas. As creative professionals working from home during quarantine, we’ve had to find ways to keep our creativity alive. When life gives you lemons, learn how to juggle!

Here are our top tips and tricks for moving through creative blockages:

Keep moving.

Taking frequent breaks to move your body enhances your mood and improves focus. At Danger Dynamite, we are an adventurous bunch who love to play outside. When we’re not at our computers working on your digital presence, you can catch us hiking, biking, or playing sports, and some of us love to take dance breaks in the middle of the work day! If you’re not outdoorsy, no stress. You can still get moving in your home with countless options for at-home workouts online such as yoga, dance, HIIT, martial arts, bootcamps, and more.

Shuffle your playlist.

Music can help encourage the brain to seek new perspectives for problem solving. Instead of listening to the same music you always love, try switching it up and see how your brain responds to something different. Ask your friends to send you their favourite artists or songs and build a playlist of new music to inspire your creativity, or let Spotify do the work for you. Feel free to borrow from our playlist of office favourites!

Tend to your work space.

Our environment can greatly influence our creativity. If you spend your days indoors, take a few minutes each day to tidy your space and infuse it with colours and textures that make you feel good. You’ll be amazed at the inspiration you find from this simple effort. We also keep lots of plants in our workspace to uplift and inspire us. Even science has revealed the benefits of indoor plants for human health and comfort!

Flex your brain muscles.

Stagnation stifles creativity, so keep yourself busy! When you busy your brain with the development of a new skill, you’re training it to stay sharp and to create new neural pathways. Whether it’s following a new recipe, shooting with a new lens on your camera, learning how to golf or how to grow vegetables — learning something new supports the creative mind.

Write it all down.

Sometimes good ideas come when you least expect them. They might visit anytime, anywhere. Simple ideas can seed epic revelations—so don’t let that creative potential slip away. Keep a running list in a notepad or smartphone app where you can quickly and easily jot down ideas that come in unexpected moments throughout your days. Take a walk. Have a shower. Daydream in the sunshine. The inspiration for the name Danger Dynamite came to Frank while he was watching cartoons with his young children. Any moment can prove fruitful!

Laugh it off.

Laughter is good for the soul, and helps create biochemical conditions that are optimal for creative function and problem solving. If you’re collaborating and want to help your team get into creative flow, make them laugh! At Danger Dynamite, we find ways to stir up some fun with one another daily—sharing memes and giphys that make us giggle in our work chat. Whatever makes you laugh, make sure you get some every day!


When you’re stuck in a creative desert, call a friend for help. Often many minds are better than one. Bouncing problems and ideas off of one another can lead to exciting and unexpected creative developments. We believe it’s true what they say, that teamwork makes the dream work. Our team is our creative lifeline!

If you’ve got a digital project that has flatlined, get in touch with our team! We would love to collaborate. We’ve got a rad assortment of uniquely creative minds who work together to master all things creative online, from website design and development, to social media marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Let’s put our minds together and see what we create!