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Boost your SEO, Engagement, & Sales with Custom Content

by | May 9, 2021 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are genuinely stoked on every one of our clients, and we love getting up close and personal with their product. There’s a more important reason for getting familiar with a brand than just being excited, though; authentic and original content generates better results for your business –– whether through social media, email marketing, or on your website. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how and why original content helps your business perform better in the digital world. 

Drive engagement with custom photography, videography, & graphic design.

Stock imagery is an essential part of digital marketing, but relying on it too heavily could be affecting your performance. As Drew Harden notes, in a/b testing, “[t]he web page with the authentic photo saw a nearly 35 percent higher conversion rate than the page with the stock photos.” This means, even though stock photography is easy to access and fill space with, the engagement is much higher with original photography showing your actual business, employees, and product –– and engagement translates to sales! 

We measure success across platforms with conversion rate.

Conversion rate reflects interactions to ‘calls to action,’ such as “shop men’s jackets” or “learn more about our products.” The higher your conversion rate, the more successful your campaign is considered. Getting people to engage with content is the number one goal of digital marketing. It increases the likelihood of purchasing and positively impacts SEO overall––which only further increases interactions with your business. Utilizing original content has been shown to increase your conversion rate by a pretty significant margin, so we actively encourage creativity in your digital presence.

UX (User Experience) should be your website’s priority.

The customer is at the foundation of everything we do, and that’s how Google sees it too! Content such as text and images needs to be accessible and engaging to better your SEO ranking. We focus on maximizing your business’s website with integrations such as Mailchimp, building you a banging eCommerce storefront, and ensuring you’re always staying fresh via updates to content such as blogs, bios, and FAQs. 

Make your social media shine with original content. 

The algorithm that drives both Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms prioritize sharing and saving over likes and comments. Aiming for ‘saves’ should be a priority for businesses that deal more with lifestyle and education, whereas ‘shares’ can best benefit businesses that sell wholesale products, industrial goods, and services. In both cases, the aim should be to create a relatable, engaging page –– authenticity is the key! Original content will drive engagement, and we think it’s good form to show off your amazing company! Show your real employees, real products, and your real space. Not only will people be more excited about your business, but it will also give potential customers a clear idea of your brand and your values. 

Further, interactions with your social media positively affect your SEO ranking, as conversation rates and website visits increase through calls-to-action on your social platforms. It only makes sense then to choose the imagery and content that increases your conversion rate. 

If you want to learn more about creating content for social media, you can read our recent blogs from our Social Media page or reach out to us!

Google already rewards original content, & that could soon include photography.

As Google crawlers become increasingly adept at scanning websites with UX in mind, many in the SEO industry predict that duplicate stock content could be penalized in the same way that keyword dumping is. The ease with which people can navigate your website will correlate to how your site ranks on search engines. 

Our photography & graphic design services make your website pop! 

We have a talented team that knows how to make your digital presence shine. From our branding and website design to our photo and video services (which populate our email marketing, social media, and website services), we bring your brand to life. Talk to us today to learn more about engaging and original content for your business. We offer individual services as well as end-to-end marketing, so don’t worry –– we got your back.