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Email Marketing Bridges Every Aspect of Your Digital Presence!

by | May 9, 2021 | Email Marketing

A good email marketing campaign is only possible with a healthy email list. When you collect an email during a sale, it needs to be nurtured like a seed. Emails are often overlooked, but they are an incredibly useful tool in your business’ marketing strategy. Too often, businesses fall into some common pitfalls with their email marketing, but we are here to help! 

3 Common email marketing mistakes: 

  1. Building an email list without care

Building a healthy email list takes time, but it’s worth it! Your emails need to go to subscribers who care. This leads to more successful emails and more engaged customers. Mailchimp notices when you do things like purchase subscriber lists or fail to get permission from people on your list. Engagement is all about patience, and it will pay off! 

  1. Sending too much or too little 

Spam filters are incredibly good at picking up less than ideal emails. Ensuring you are making informed decisions about your style of engagement will ultimately lead to more fruitful KPI (Key Performance Indicator) outcomes overall. 

  1. Dismissing design

If your emails are not thoughtfully crafted, they will be very unlikely to engage the recipient. Design is everywhere and as such, is incredibly important to consider in crafting your email campaign. Good design is directly correlated to more engagement. We can see this with metrics such as Click Through Rate – the better your score, the more Google attention you can garner. 

A place for your business to really shine! 

Email is unique, they engage clients who already know a little bit about you and those who want to know more! Beautiful design that integrates all the other marketing tools like social media and SEO will be a zinger to open and lead to observable results such as more sales, and higher traffic to your website. An email is also the perfect place to share updates about your business, whether it’s for an upcoming sale or promotional offer, or to let your clients know your new winter hours. Your emails are one of the best ways to stay front of mind for existing and engaged clients. By using emails to communicate on a regular basis in a meaningful way, you can build lasting relationships with your existing clients at the same time as attracting new ones. 

Email marketing bridges every facet of your business 

A well designed email uses links to take people out of the email and onto your website or social media channels; it ties together every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. Email marketing improves the click through rate to your website, either through a direct link (like to a really great new blog) or via your social media channels. By providing a direct link to your online store or blogs, you’re directing more people to your website and encouraging them to stay longer and engage more directly with  everything you do —including services they might not have known you provide, which can improve your website’s bounce rate (how long people stay on your website, and how many pages they visit).

At DangerDynamite, we see your marketing in the round

We understand how to craft customized, end-to-end digital marketing that leads to increased engagement and sales, so that you can focus on your space and customers. Let’s work together to integrate email marketing into your business: building a healthy list, closing the gaps  between your website, store, and social media, and driving engagement in every facet of your business. Reach out to our email market squad, and let’s reach your goals together.