We are DangerDynamite!
So you want to know who we are? We are happy to oblige!

“The tribal life wasn't something humans sat down and figured out. It was the gift of natural selection, a proven success—not perfection but hard to improve on. Hierarchalism, on the other hand, has proven to be not merely imperfect but ultimately catastrophic for the earth and for us. When the plane's going down and someone offers you a parachute, you don't demand to see the warranty.” - Daniel Quinn

From diversity comes ingenuity... The DangerDynamite! team is a group of talented individuals who all share one thing in common -- the understanding that it's not about what you can do, but what you can get done. We have come to learn that through working together we can produce results that combine the best that each of us has to offer. From good old fashion business sense and a view towards the future, to graphic design, to technical knowhow, all pooled together for your benefit.

For us, creativity is the key.

We are all free spirits, eager to try new things, challenge ourselves, and push the limits of our creative abilities. We are skateboarders, painters, programmers, photographers, fighters, soccer coaches, green revolutionaries, auto enthusiasts, parents, party animals, tea drinkers and dare devils all content to work together and get the job done.

Multiple personality disorder? Maybe. Chock full of creative genius? Definitely. Our tribe is here to succeed and grow together; and we are share what we do with you so you can too!

Our Team

Creative Strategist
Frank Collins
Creative Strategist

"Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they’re worthy. Be a light in a too often dim world." -Anon

Every crew needs a fearless leader who empowers and enlivens!

Frank is the outspoken, charismatic viking that has captained this ship through it’s evolution from a one-man-show into an expansive, innovative digital agency. Never afraid to challenge the status quo, Frank applies his creative genius to the process of blowing shit up and building from the pieces. On top of being a mastermind at everything digital, Frank is a super dope dad, a loving partner, and an integral part of the communities he lives and plays in. #betterwithabeard

Harness the power of passion and ingenuity and level up your marketing game with Frank!

Project Manager
Kristen Murphy
Project Manager

We have to keep the game fun, and some of us make playfulness a priority.

Kristen brings all kinds of curiosity and fun to our team, with everything from ridiculous snowsuits to bike rides and a “better late than never” attitude. Having joined the team to help manage our growing team, Kristen has evolved into a project coordinator and social media guru, facilitating the creation of innovative solutions for us and our clients. #poweredbyplay

Social media should be social. Lets tell your story and start the conversation - Kristen will add the fun!

Web Dev Phenom
Adam Pacholik
Web Dev Phenom

Coming soon.

Visual Design Wizard
Halee McCubbing
Visual Design Wizard

Halee is the queen of desserts. We’re almost certain that she was a cupcake in another lifetime.

In all seriousness though, this fabulous little designer is true to her roots and maintains the down-home, country feel instilled in her from an upbringing spent milking dairy cows, wandering the country with her animals, and enjoying evenings with the family. A visual artist to the core, Halee has an exceptional eye for design. From graphic and web design, figure and landscape painting, to her own personal style, she creates beauty in everything she does. #willworkforsweets

That eye-catching branding you’ve always wanted for your business? It can be yours when you work with Halee. #befrickinbangin

Master of Media
Brandon White
Master of Media

Mr. White has arrived.

Brandon is the newest member of our team, but brings with him some serious skills and personality! Having worked in media for the last 5 years, Brandon adds impressive video and photo skills to our team, as well as the marketing skills needed to tie your digital presence together. Are you ready to up your media game? #sayhellotomrwhite

Our Work Space
The Two Twenty
Our Work Space

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller

We are proud to call the Two Twenty our home. This thriving community of entrepreneurs and creatives is like a big family, and we love it! There are all manner of businesses here, and everyone works together in this space like a tribe, just what we wanted for our own tribe. The level of comradely and willingness to help one another succeed is really something to be proud of, and we couldn't be happier to be here!

We are officially located in Studio H, where we plot and scheme and take snazzy photos. Come visit us and check out our space and everything this amazing community has to offer.

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