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Friday, 01 May 2020 18:08

Overcoming Creative Flatline

We love working in a creative industry, but it’s not always easy to stay inspired and excited all the time. Like many industries, our work as a digital marketing agency relies on a constant influx of ideas. As creative professionals working from home during quarantine, we’ve had to find ways to keep our creativity alive. When life gives you lemons, learn how to juggle! 

Here are our top tips and tricks for moving through creative blockages: 

Keep moving.

Taking frequent breaks to move your body enhances your mood and improves focus. At Danger Dynamite, we are an adventurous bunch who love to play outside. When we’re not at our computers working on your digital presence, you can catch us hiking, biking, or playing sports, and some of us love to take dance breaks in the middle of the work day! If you’re not outdoorsy, no stress. You can still get moving in your home with countless options for at-home workouts online such as yoga, dance, HIIT, martial arts, bootcamps, and more. 

Shuffle your playlist. 

Music can help encourage the brain to seek new perspectives for problem solving. Instead of listening to the same music you always love, try switching it up and see how your brain responds to something different. Ask your friends to send you their favourite artists or songs and build a playlist of new music to inspire your creativity, or let Spotify do the work for you. Feel free to borrow from our playlist of office favourites

Tend to your work space. 

Our environment can greatly influence our creativity. If you spend your days indoors, take a few minutes each day to tidy your space and infuse it with colours and textures that make you feel good. You’ll be amazed at the inspiration you find from this simple effort. We also keep lots of plants in our workspace to uplift and inspire us. Even science has revealed the benefits of indoor plants for human health and comfort!

Flex your brain muscles.

Stagnation stifles creativity, so keep yourself busy! When you busy your brain with the development of a new skill, you’re training it to stay sharp and to create new neural pathways. Whether it’s following a new recipe, shooting with a new lens on your camera, learning how to golf or how to grow vegetables — learning something new supports the creative mind. 

Write it all down.

Sometimes good ideas come when you least expect them. They might visit anytime, anywhere. Simple ideas can seed epic revelations—so don’t let that creative potential slip away. Keep a running list in a notepad or smartphone app where you can quickly and easily jot down ideas that come in unexpected moments throughout your days. Take a walk. Have a shower. Daydream in the sunshine. The inspiration for the name Danger Dynamite came to Frank while he was watching cartoons with his young children. Any moment can prove fruitful!

Laugh it off.

Laughter is good for the soul, and helps create biochemical conditions that are optimal for creative function and problem solving. If you're collaborating and want to help your team get into creative flow, make them laugh! At Danger Dynamite, we find ways to stir up some fun with one another daily—sharing memes and giphys that make us giggle in our work chat. Whatever makes you laugh, make sure you get some every day!


When you’re stuck in a creative desert, call a friend for help. Often many minds are better than one. Bouncing problems and ideas off of one another can lead to exciting and unexpected creative developments. We believe it’s true what they say, that teamwork makes the dream work. Our team is our creative lifeline!

If you’ve got a digital project that has flatlined, get in touch with our team! We would love to collaborate. We’ve got a rad assortment of uniquely creative minds who work together to master all things creative online, from website design and development, to social media marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Let’s put our minds together and see what we create! 


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Social media is the marketing of the future

We are living in an age ruled by social media - it’s safe to say it’s here to stay and there’s no escaping it. Social media for business is booming and traditional marketing strategies are becoming obsolete. Don’t let your business get left behind! Cultivating a favourable social media presence for your business takes time and effort, but the benefits are many. Developing a social media strategy for your business effectively enables your business to gain exposure, website traffic, and advertise more effectively than ever before. 

Connect and build relationships to become front of mind

Social media channels are chock full of potential customers and clients for your business and the reach is beyond quantification. Today, there are over 2.4 billion active Facebook users and over 1 billion active users on Instagram. With monthly active users increasing exponentially on both channels, this becomes a huge opportunity to develop awareness of your brand that runs deeper than recognition of your name and logo. Social media allows you to share the personality of your business in a way that people can relate to and interact with. Share content that you care about consistently to let people get to know and trust the voice and values of your business. The best part is that this isn’t a one-way street like conventional marketing campaigns - with social media you can open a dialogue and invite your client-base to engage in real conversation. In this way, you can nurture real connection and build relationships. If you want to be remembered and remain front-of-mind for your client-base, social media is where you want to be! 

Drive traffic to your website from social media channels

Your social media presence not only boosts your brand visibility, but also opens the digital door to your growing website. You can think of social media as a vast ocean of potential clients and customers. With well-curated social media content as your tackle, you can reel-in social-media swimmers who are already hooked on to your brand. Authentic content that is relevant to your business and consistent with your brand is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. To make it easy for people to land on your website, include links to your website in your social profiles and content posts. A blog is a great way to share engaging content that is directly linked to your website.  Every time you share any piece of content on social media, you’re creating a bridge for people to find your website and become a client or customer. Swim in the ocean of social media and watch your website traffic soar!

Advertising has never been more simple than on social media

Once you’ve developed your presence on social media, you can more effectively harness the enormous potential of advertising in social media channels. Social media ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience who are already hanging out there. Your increased visibility and website traffic often translate to sales in and of themselves, but often for as little as a dollar you can boost your carefully curated content to make it even more effective. The targeted reach and lower ad costs of social media marketing - all you need is the right strategy! Avoid social media adds that are overly sales-y and find palatable ways to weave ad material into your overall social media strategy. Sales ads alone won’t cut it on social media - take the time to build your brand awareness in social media to really amplify the influence of your social ads. 

You’ll never look back

A strong social media strategy can take your business to new heights. As with any advertising campaign, this takes time and effort but the return of investment is likely to surpass that of traditional approaches to marketing, which are becoming quickly outmoded. Your social media presence will not only give you increased exposure wider and more targeted audiences but will also drive traffic to your website and expand your advertising potential. If your business needs help developing a digital presence, Danger Dynamite can help.

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Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote still holds true, today: the medium conveys the message. So what are the marketing strategies - of newsprint ads, paper fliers - of the past communicating? What changes when we incorporate video? Read on to learn why you should be using video in your attempts to reach new customers -- and if you already are, read on to find out why you should double-down on your investment.

Why does Kellogg’s, a company with over 1,000 employees and 8 manufacturing plants spend 70% of its advertising budget on YouTube?

When we use video-based marketing we are communicating movement, motion, and the nuances of life not caught in an image or text. Industries and sectors can change quickly, and the motion implied by video helps subconsciously communicate this. Beyond the heady intellectual reasons to use video there’s also a slew of pragmatic and real world reasons:


Return on Investment (ROI)


Radio is great for touting 12:1 conversions on advertising dollars spent to dollars earned--at least according to a study by Westwood One, a radio company in NYC. Conflict of interests aside the ROI of video-based advertising is both more potent and harder to quantify. Why is this?
  • It can be used across multiple platforms: TV, as well as the Internet and all its derivatives (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linked-in, Etc. Etc.) - this is a strength AND a weakness, as it makes ROI calculations more difficult
  • People are watching more video, all the time: Youtube reports that viewing data DOUBLES every year, with users uploading 65k and watching 100M videos a day, and that complicates attribution of where and when they saw the ads

In spite of this, 83% of marketers who use video say this medium gives them a good return on investment4 , and 87% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool--up from only 63% in 2017. More specifically:

  • 88% of businesses who’ve used Instagram Video for marketing say it was successful4;

  • 85% say the same of Facebook Video;

  • 84% say the same of LinkedIn Video;

  • 80% say the same of Youtube;

  • 74% say the same of Facebook Live Video. 

So video-based marketing is good enough for Kelloggs and many other small to large companies, despite concrete ROI numbers. Part of this may be because…

Video Has its Own Built-in Analytics!

Where does someone’s mind go while they are listening to a radio ad? For which parts are they attentive and when do they tune out? What is their activity before and after the advert? These are just some of the kinds of insights you can get with video-based marketing on a number of platforms. Rather than spending $$ to poll your demographic to find out how effective your advertising campaign was, you can now simply view the video analytics. FINALLY you do not need to have a marketing degree, or be a math wizard to understand: how long specific or average viewers watched your film, when they checked out (when did it get boring?), mouse activity, if the video was paused, if they clicked through to your website, possibly where they went after viewing your website (via cookies), etc. etc. These juicy data-pockets represent real, valuable feedback loops for businesses hoping to optimize their advertising strategy. 

65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of the average video; where are you losing your potential customers?

Internet (Video) Killed the Radio Star

When combined with the Internet, video-based marketing is without-a-doubt THE most powerful way to evoke emotions in an audience. In the age of being bombarded by adverts in every aspect of our life, people are hungry for authenticity--and thoughtful video production can be chalked full of it; when websites have a video component on the homepage users click through (called landing-page conversions) 80% more often As we move forward, we will all be consuming more video-based content: it is expected that this year 80% of all web traffic will be claimed by video, nearly half of all video will be watched on a mobile device, and 68% of consumers would rather watch a video explaining your business than read about it.

But what about Data Load, SEO, and Google Analytics?

We hear you. Danger Dynamite is located in Saskatchewan, Canada, and I personally grew up in the north end of the province in the boreal forest. We’re all on data budgets, and video can flex (and even break!) the budgets of your users. That being said, Google loves video -- and with Alphabet’s recent acquisition of YouTube, this is only going to skew search results more toward video in the future. Even your facebook timeline prioritizes video. All told, most recent numbers suggest you are 53x more likely to show up on the first page of Google if you have an embedded (important!) video5. Beyond this, the environment is also moving toward live video. 

Create Urgency 

Live video (Facebook, in this example), as you may have picked up earlier in this post is still rated lower than produced video (74% vs mid 80’s) for satisfaction when used. We think this is part of a changing tide, as live video creates a kind of urgency and authenticity. Whether you be hosting live Q and A sessions, conducting interviews with top influencers, advertising-style sessions with local businesses, or beyond, live video is compelling in a different way than produced video. This is evident by the quick adoption by most digital institutions: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram ‘stories’ are just one example of this. We live in an ephemeral time, and consumers are reacting to that. 

Be a part of the future : include video in your next marketing campaign!

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