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In what can be a full-time job, it is important to understand the strategies and engineering that are behind developing healthy social interactions online. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to open all possible social media accounts and then neglect to maintain an active presence. Without engagement on social media, users are likely to become turned off by the business and move on to a more engaging competitor.

When managed correctly, social media is a powerful and effective marketing tool that should be an essential part of any business strategy. Just as you would with your other marketing initiatives, social media requires the same care and attention to see great results. For the average busy business owner, there are benefits to hiring a professional to manage social media and drive business results.

1. Experts Save You Time

You are the expert in your industry and it took you time and experience to get there. When it comes to pro social media management agencies, it is no different. With proven strategies for increasing brand awareness and engagement, the guesswork and risk of unanticipated pitfalls is taken out for you. Your time is valuable, are you willing to sacrifice another area of business for social media management? Some of the many roles social media manager takes off of your plate include keeping a watchful eye on your accounts day-to-day, personalizing your reputation, evaluating trends, creating and curating content, conducting time consuming content research, and scheduling posts in a streamline process.

2. Building Brand Recognition

Your brand is your unique fingerprint in a sea of competitors. How do you want to be presented to the world? What is “that thing” only you can offer? In knowing which platforms are ideal for your brand and then regularly posting, creating guidelines for relevant posted topics, ensuring visuals align across profiles consistently, and developing a specific voice – your personality can be reflected to connect with your audience and draw engagement. With that said, gaining traction can be a challenge many business face with social media branding when they don’t know where to start; results don’t happen on their own and it takes consistency and effort to promote social media profiles whenever possible. Do you know what your strategy will be?

3. Content Creator

The content created and adapted for social media is a vital component of marketing. Capturing pictures and video for Facebook and Instagram, writing short and effective twitter posts, creating several iterations of post copy, or making novel and buzzworthy content for a growing following; these are just some of the ways a social media manager makes impactful content appropriate for each network. When you pay for professional to manage and make content, you are paying for their graphics software, efficient social media management platforms, creativity, and excellent language proficiency.

4. Increased Traffic

People today are spending a lot of time on social networks, thus making them the perfect medium for driving traffic to your website and gaining referrals. Social media campaigns, when done effectively with a goal in mind, can be utilized to drive traffic to your website. Campaign goals could include marketing objectives such as multiplying your audience, brand awareness, expanding reach, growing engagement, or educating on your services. With analytics, managers can determine if a campaign is hitting the mark to get the most out of marketing dollars.

5. Engagement, Relationship building

Social media, for many companies, can be viewed as a giant scoreboard: you win when you get the most followers. While having numbers on your side can be powerful, there needs to be meaning to those connections. ROI increases with authentic relationships being built across your social media platforms. You could pay to get thousands of free followers, however, this wont benefit the company and usually get followers away from where business may be done (e.g. overseas). Social media managers place focus on marketing techniques to build meaningful connections; from effective #hashtags and asking questions of the audience, to connecting with industry influencers and replying to comments or mentions – there are many ways to build meaningful relationships with your audience..

Social media, now more than ever, is a necessary part of any business strategy that can facilitate meaningful connections with consumers. With changes in trends and technology, individuals with know-how and experience are key to exercising effective social media engagement and management.

In the vast sea of phone selfies, it is important to ask yourself: What image do I want to project? In the professional world, “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t quite apply. Image and first impressions mean everything, so with the wrong image it could mean losing out on clients, promotions, and career advancing gigs.

We know you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons; this is why professional photographers are essential to getting your perfect headshot.

Personal Branding

Like the firm handshake once was, virtual personal branding is important to introducing yourself to the world today. Studies say on average 60% of employers will check your LinkedIn and other social media accounts prior to making a hiring decision. In this case, the photo of you cropped out from last year’s reunion won’t cut it and may give off the impression you don’t take your career seriously.

It’s not just about ‘what’ you do, it’s about ‘who’ you are too. Businesses will spend a significant amount of money investing in branding in order to accurately represent who they are to draw clients in – so why stop at the person running the show? If anyone is thinking about getting a headshot, they should not focus on present cost, but the likely benefit of when they get that job or client.

Up-to-Date Image

Are you still using that photo from 10 years ago? Would you be recognizable from that picture still? Over time your appearance will change, and with that should come an updated headshot. Additionally, networking efforts can be greatly improved with a consistent approach to profile pictures across all social media platforms when utilizing professional images.

Photography Experience and Tools

While anyone can take a headshot, professional photographers ensure the proper elements of a headshot are present. A professional will know what you need, sometimes before you even know! They can skillfully, and quickly, set up for balanced lighting, appropriate background, composition, and advise on posing while using flattering angles – elements that even your 60th selfie could be lacking. A professional photographer will know how to show your character in the most professional way.

In addition to a photographer’s skilled eye and equipment, professional editing programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop are other essential tools utilized to put your best face forward. Programs allow for the remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and other adjustments to bring about a stunning yet subtle change. The difference between pro editing and amateur is looking natural or not.

You work hard. You want to reach your goals. You only get one shot to make a good first impression and a professional headshot is the first essential step towards making sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 20:12

Temperance Brewing Co-Operative

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a new start up co-operative, Temperance Brewing Co-Operative, about doing some graphic design for the launch party for their newest brew, the West Coast India Pale Ale. Even with some tight timelines, we were able to deliver the goods, and send them off to the printers with only moments to spare. The launch event at Winston’s English Pub was a success, with the posters and table tent cards looking great. All in all, we were happy to have delivered above and beyond expectations and help a local start up with a fun and successful public launch party.

In addition, we provided some social media marketing goodies and a handful of promo photos for the brewmasters to use in pumping their brand and brews on networks like Facebook and Instagram.  This included a few social media graphics for the event itself and general use, along with some product photography inspired by the grassroots temperance colony the co-operative’s name takes inspiration from. Have a look at some of what we provided, and while you’re at it take a peek at the Temperance Brewing Co-Operative online at www.temperancebrewing.ca. Lastly, if you are looking to boost your digital presence, we can help with things like social media, website development, marketing photography and video production to take your business and brand to the next level, please let us know!

Thursday, 20 October 2016 23:16

Voting for Our Future.

Elections are a touchy topic for a lot of people, and as a business it can be hard to speak up and declare where your allegiances are.  In many cases its a personal thing, or something that is best left within the confines of the hidden ballot.  Other times it comes down to integrity, and standing up for what is fundamentally important as not just individuals, but businesses as well. 

Between now and October 26th we have the chance to choose what direction we want for our city.  As a local business owner, home owner and citizen of Saskatoon, I chose to cast my vote for Charlie Clark, because I fundamentally believe he is the man to get the job done.   For the last ten years he has proven time and again he cares about our city, and he cares about each and every person who lives in our city. I have watched him conduct himself with honesty, integrity and courage not just as a member of city council — but also as a member of the community, as a father to his children, as an active advocate for social justice, as a proponent for environmental stewardship and most importantly as a person who strives every day to be someone people can trust. Charlie is the right choice for our city.

I strongly urge you to get out to vote this election, and really educate yourself on what is at stake and what each candidate brings to the table. Advance voting has already begun, and you can get out and vote now or on October 26th.

Your vote matters, this election matters and who we vote for matters.  

Please visit www.charlieclarkformayor.ca for more information about Charlie and what he stands for.

Monday, 03 October 2016 22:29

Salon Grea - Video Shoot

It should go without saying, but an extremely important part of growing your business is telling people about your company and increasing awareness about your brand. The question is, how can you differentiate yourself from the crowd, cast a larger net and attract new clients. One way we are able to help clients tackle this is by providing professional photography and videography to help increase their reach through social media streams. Creating a collection of your own stock photos and video to be used for creating generic content and social media ads can not only save you time and money, but can ensure you have content for future posts.

We have been working with Melissa and Dwayne from Salon Grea, just off of Broadway Ave in Saskatoon, to create generic videos and Facebook video ad campaigns to tell more people about their salon. With over 5,600 generic views and ad campaigns running as low as $0.02 per view, we have seen a significant increase in their social reach and interaction.

We decided to incorporated a photography portion to the project with our up and coming video to promote the unique product lines they carry. This will not only give us great photos to be used in the newest video, but will also give them content to post to promote these products.

We find a lot of people we talk to aren’t quite sure where to start and this is no overnight solution. These things take time and this is where we can help. We will sit down with you and develop a social media plan, within your budget, to take it to the next level. There are so many things to consider and it can seem overwhelming at first, but as we break down and prioritize individual phases of the project, the path will become clear.

To find out more about how DangerDynamite’s team can help you grow your brand awareness and help plan your social media strategy, contact us today and book a 1 hour consultation and planning session!

Monday, 19 September 2016 18:17

Freedom Fooders

This past weekend some of our crew took some time out of our busy schedules to do a little good - and it was awesome! Our very own Frank Collins joined new friends Kirby Criddle and Connor Powell to spearhead an initiative to build and place “Free Food Boxes” around Saskatoon with the aim to provide localized, community based and community maintained food boxes to help out those in need. The crew named the project Freedom Fooders and the response to the first two boxes was huge - prompting a weekend buildathon to try and complete an additional ten boxes.

After receiving donations of supplies from Saskatoon Co-Op Home Centres, Go2Guys Roofing and Boychuk Homes, and then having them delivered by Ivan’s Landscape Supply and Delivery; Frank and Glen brought out their families — and extended bigger families — to get to work! With around 25 people coming out to lend a hand, contribute skills and bring positive vibes all ten boxes were completed to about 80%, with the remaining work to be done through the coming week. After that, and some serious planning, the boxes will be places in locations around the city to deliver most effectively to those in need.

Lots of love and awesomeness at work! Please visit Freedom Fooders on Facebook to stay up to date on this project!

Thursday, 28 January 2016 18:34

Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 Critical Updates!

Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 are now well past their end of life dates, leaving websites built on these platforms potentially vulnerable in a number of areas. While these versions of Joomla were amazing and served their purpose, technology has evolved and newer versions have been developed to address issues in functionality surrounding devices being used and how users use the web.  This affects a number of areas for websites built using Joomla 1.5 or 2.5, such as:

  1. Website security - patches are no longer being developed 
  2. Software and component compatibility - developers are building components and extensions for current CMS versions
  3. End of Life cycle - support and updates for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 are no longer available
  4. Technology Advancements - browsers, web standards and platform technology have changed, such as the evolution from desktop to mobile browsing.
  5. Google Alerts - Google has begun rolling out alerts for sites using older CMS platforms, and search result penalties are never far behind.

For more information on upgrading your CMS and what all this means

Click Here

Web development is an interesting business and many factors can determine the success of your website. In addition to creating solutions and services that help with SEO ranking so that your site will be visible to more people, our firm feels it is important for our clients to understand the target group you want visiting your website and read your content.

Customizing design to match your target audience

Part of accomplishing the task of finding the appropriate target audience means going above and beyond traditional methods of working with keywords and focusing on embedding relative imagery through design. As specialists in professional photography, we know the majority of internet users in Canada tend to spend time using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat, applications designed to allow people to share images with friends.

These applications have become a way of showing who you are as an individual, it stands to reason that your target audience will likely appreciate images on your website that capture an experience that resonates with them as consumers. As many companies have chosen to use easily recognizable stock images to go with their corporate image, there is an opening for businesses to individualize their site design to match their target audience.

Content is king

It isn't just Google that has determined that quality content is going to be what they choose to rank more highly when it comes to search results. Consumers have become a bit jaded regarding stock text and imagery that show up online, which can limit their engagement.

Our approach is to work with you to define your target audience completely so that any content that gets created for you is tailored to that group in ways that will provoke both thought and reaction. In a way, you end up with the best of both worlds. Writing that engages your audience and ranks well with all the major search engines.

Speaking of engagement

After your website design strategy is implemented, there is also social media to consider. Just like decades ago when most Canadians spent their time watching television, today, many Canadians spend the bulk of their time on the internet using social media applications. The good news for you is that they are very accessible through social media when you establish a presence and create a program of continuous engagement through either marketing programs or image building. We excel at working with a number of clients to staff their social media postings and program implementation for a wide variety of target audiences.

One thing we have consistently seen is that having specialists that focus on providing support for different target audiences helps you to achieve the results you are seeking on a consistent basis and in a shorter time frame.

So when you sit down to start planning your next website update, consider who it is you want to reach with each page and incorporate this into your online strategy. If you would like consistent, professional, and competitively-priced development and service support that is tailored to your target audience, please contact us. We would love to show you how we can help you reach your goals.

Thursday, 03 December 2015 03:09


We’ll let Adrienne from Studio 2.0 do all the talking on this one:

"Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants is a vibrant award winning professional Interior Design firm based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We provides design plans for our clients including renovation and new construction projects. A large part of our annual marketing is provided by our online presence so in March of 2012 it was time to develop a new website. We had gone through the process of designing a website in the past and left the previous process feeling frustrated and disappointed. We knew this time around with the new website it had to be better. We interviewed numerous web developers looking for the right fit. We needed a company that had drive and determination, a creative flare and communication second to none. All these are values that Studio 2.0 prides ourselves in offering to our clients. After many months of meeting with web developers and numerous management meetings we decided that we would start the process with Danger Dynamite. They got the process started right aways and produced initial ideas for us to approve. There was constant communication back and forth right up until the day the site went live. If we had any concerns they were addressed. Since we are in the design industry we had extremely high standards as to how the design of the website needed to look and Danger Dynamite captured what we were looking for in our new website. Even to this day if we have a question or concern Danger Dynamite is there to put us at ease. We are very thankful for all the work that they have done for Studio 2.0 and would without hesitation recommend them.”

-- Adrienne Fedorowich, Principal Designer of Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants

Visit the website at www.studio2point0.ca

Thursday, 03 December 2015 03:08

Speed Tech Racing

Speedtech came to us looking for a new spin on their website. Here’s a bunch of guys that know high performance vehicles and fine tuned machinery, and we wanted to put something together for them that reflected that same precision. We take the same approach to websites as they do when it comes to cars. Often a car off the lot doesn’t have exactly what you need, and if you really want to make an impression and outperform the other guy, you can’t take a passive approach to your car or your business. Just like cars, you don’t want your website to be a lemon and your investment to be wasted when it doesn’t work out the way you want it to.

Check out thier website at www.speedtechracing.com

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