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Getting started with video content marketing?

Want to make sure you get the best results possible?

Video marketing is a great way to grow your business, build brand awareness, and market your services online. However, it's important that you go all the way with it and make it as effective as possible. You need to know a few tricks and tips if you want to make sure you're getting the most from your efforts.

Below are a few important video content marketing tips that will help your campaign be more successful.

1. Get to the Point

One of the main ways you can increase the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign is to make sure your videos attract the attention of viewers right away. People have short attention spans these days, and if you can't hook them within the first 10 seconds you may lose them.

You also need to make sure your videos are on the shorter side. Don't drag it out too long. Short-form videos that are around the 2-minute mark are usually the most effective and will get the most engagement.

Make sure that your video gets to the point quickly and is concise, and you'll have a much better result with your campaign.

2. Don't Be Overly Promotional

When you're trying to have success with video marketing you also want to make sure you aren't being overly promotional.

While it's true that you're creating a video to promote your products, your focus in the video should be elsewhere. Be sure that you're either telling a unique story or educating your audience in some way. Make it about what you offer a customer rather than what they can offer you.

Promoting your products or services should come second to the content and story of your video. If you focus on entertaining them or educating them first, they'll naturally seek your products out.

3. Share It Far and Wide

While it's important to make sure your content is on point, you also need to make sure that your video is easily found by potential customers. Start by sharing your video across the web. Don't just hope that people will find it themselves.

Youtube is a great place to share your videos. However, you'll also want to consider other video sites as well such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Vevo. Also post your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Don't be afraid to repost the video or to encourage your followers to share it for you. The more traction you get with your video the better off you'll be. This way you'll make sure that your return on investment is worth the time you spent on creating it.

4. Make It Searchable

Another thing you can do to make sure that you're getting the most out of your video is to ensure that it is searchable. Video-specific SEO techniques can be very useful for allowing your video to be found.

Search engines aren't yet capable of understanding videos or transcribing them on their own, so you'll want to make sure you do a few things to help them out.

For one, always add some text or a description below the video whenever possible whether you're posting on your website or a social channel. This text will be found by search engines and make your video searchable.

Secondly, add tags to your video whenever possible. When posting on social media, tags can be a big help in allowing your video to be found.

Doing Video Marketing Right

While there are other important things to think about for successful video content marketing, the above tips should start you off on the right foot. Consider the suggestions above carefully if you want to make sure your video marketing campaign effectively markets your business and gains new customers.

Looking for help with your video marketing campaign? Click here to learn more about our professional video production and live streaming services.

What if one small change could explosively grow your business overnight?

The secret is simple: social media marketing. Unfortunately, many companies don't know how to use social media in a successful way.

Keep reading to discover the best social media campaigns and what your business can learn from them!

1. Peel

Peel is a company that sells super-thin cellphone cases. After a successful execution of their social media marketing campaign, they became social media superstars.

They basically have a three-part social strategy. First, they utilize vibrant Facebook videos to showcase how well their product works. Second, they make their products pop with beautiful images on Instagram, causing them to stand out in Insta feeds. Lastly, they respond to comments and questions like lightning on social media, ensuring prospective customers feel valued!

2. Social Glims

Social Glims is a company that helps small businesses expand. And they've expanded their own brand through some deceptively simple techniques.

Much of their content focuses on marketing tips, meaning that prospective customers will gain knowledge from their posts. Amongst the informational content, they post hilarious images on their social feeds.

Whether it's to laugh or to learn, consumers quickly discover that Social Glims is offering content that is both relevant and free to everyone reading it!

3. General Electric

General Electric may be the oldest company on this list, but they understand the importance of making their "older" company look like it's hip enough to hang with the cool kids.

Their strategy is to hire professional filmmakers to record their research exploits in stunning locations such as the "Mouth of Hell" in Nicaragua. Customers come for the beautiful imagery and stay for the thought-provoking research findings!

4. Wayfair

Wayfair is a company that sells furniture of all types. And their social media strategy is clean and simple: they chose to cut out the middleman.

They started out by offering beautiful imagery of their furniture on Instagram. And now, they use Instagram's built-in shopping features to allow interested customers to shop directly from the app.

Customers follow to see the amazing interior design. Then, with the click-of-a-button, they can see prices and navigate to links, allowing them to buy every piece of furniture they like!

5. I Boom Media

Sometimes, the old tricks are still the best tricks. And that's the lesson of I Boom Media!

This company uses social media to discuss (appropriately enough) in social media marketing. But there is a secret ingredient to their success: positivity.

Amongst the practical knowledge, they insert genuinely uplifting messages into their feed. Customers walk away feeling empowered and also experiencing gratitude for the company who facilitated this elevated state.

6. Net-A-Porter/MR PORTER

Net-A-Porter and MR PORTER use conventional social media very effectively by highlighting the clothing they sell through absolutely jaw-dropping images and video.

However, they also went and created their own app called The Net Set. The app tells users what various fashion icons are wearing and how they can steal the famous look.

Additionally, the app allows users to keep track of their wish list, and it even makes recommendations based on photos that users upload!

The Best Social Media Campaigns: The Bottom Line

Now you know how the best social media campaigns have achieved their success. But do you know who can help you reach your full potential?

At Danger Dynamite, we specialize in all aspects of analytics, marketing, and social media. To see how we can help your business reach its potential, contact us today!

55 percent of a first impression is visual. In marketing, creating a good visual first impression is key to drawing a customer in and making them want to make a purchase. If you're considering using stock photos on your site instead of planning a custom photo shoot for your images, there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

The Pros and Cons of Marketing Stock Photos

A well-researched decision is always the best one. People who plan out their goals and write them down have a 33 percent higher success rate in achieving those goals than those who don't. Make sure when you're thinking about using stock photos, you have a plan in mind.

The Pros of Stock Photos

The very obvious pro of stock photos is that you don't have to hire any models, any creative professionals, and don't have to take time to actually make the shoot or plan.

There is also a huge volume of stock photos available to you. When you choose stock photography, you can find what you're looking for, and you can find it fast.

The Cons of Stock Photos

When you're trying to look professional in your web design, stock photos have the potential to derail your brand image. They can make it look like you slapped your website together and didn't put any effort into it.

They also aren't branded and don't relay the specific message you are attempting to communicate to your customers. Trying to force a photo to work on your site can be problematic when you're attempting to achieve a very specific branding message.

You may also find that your chosen stock photos are being used by others. Even your competition could be using these photos as well, causing you to be lost in the sea of stock images.

Stock photos have licensing restrictions you have to watch for. If you plan to use the photo more than once, you'll have to pay steeper royalty fees. And these photos often can't be used on merchandise.

Overall, stock photos may make your business look less valid, especially if the photo that you choose is used frequently or looks particularly like a stock photo. They can take away from the consistency of your tone, and make it not look like you're as focused on appearance as you could be. Custom images have been shown to produce higher conversion rates than stock images, and be more cost effective on the whole.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Now that you know whether you want to go with marketing stock photos or a custom photo shoot, you have to know where to go.

Get the best photo and design team on your side when you work with Danger Dynamite.

We have an in-house professional team available to consult with you on your professional photo shoot. When you speak with professionals, you'll be able to craft your plan into reality in the most efficient and effective way.

If you decide to go with stock photography, we can show you the designs that will work the most fluidly with the marketing message you're trying to achieve.

Digital marketing can help establish businesses, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. If you are a business owner and you are considering working with a digital marketing agency to help you boost your company's digital presence, there are a number of ways to ensure that you find the ideal agency that can meet your needs and your budget.

Before you get a digital marketing agency's services, take time to review the needs of your company at present and consider any future plans you have in mind as well.

Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right digital marketing agency for you:

Do Your Own Market Research

Even before you go out looking for a digital marketing agency, it is very important that you conduct sufficient amount of research that is dedicated to understanding your audience and your target market. Review website analytics to determine who makes up the majority of your brand's demographic. When you understand your audience, you also have a better chance of actually developing strategies that are appealing to your existing customers and prospects.

Choose the Ideal Campaign for Your Business

The right marketing campaign largely depends on the kind of audience you want to reach, as well as the type of products and services that you offer. You might want to focus on social media, or perhaps send email campaigns to your loyal customers - whatever strategy you go for, it should always be based on your target demographic and how they behave in the digital landscape.

Get Familiar with Social Media

As a business owner, it is essential for you to be familiar with the functionality of the internet and social media, especially with the ever-growing networks and communities developing online. When you are savvy with social media, you can effectively communicate with your customers. You'll also be able to understand what tactics the digital marketing agency you're working with is using to build your brand.

Compare Portfolios and Consider the Available Options

When you intend to work with a digital marketing agency, you should take the time to compare portfolios of the different projects the agency has handled. This can help you select the ideal agency. You'll want to go with one that is excellent or at least familiar with the styles of marketing that you're considering for your own business. You can request for the agency's portfolio when you meet with them in person or by simply viewing their official website.

Ready to hire a digital marketing agency? Make sure you give Danger Dynamite a call to see what we can offer and how we can help your business! We’re excited to make some awesome with you!

If your business is important to you, your goal should be to make it important to your existing and prospective clients too. A boring and lifeless website can lose the attention of visitors just as a confusing and hard to navigate site can turn them away. You want to be sure that your website is professional, attractive, and easy to use. To make sure your website performs the way you want, it is vital that you keep it up to date.
The main things you should focus on when you are updating your website are:
* Making sure your content is fresh
* Updating your website security
* Keeping your website design simple yet on trend
Make Sure Your Content is Fresh
Keeping your content updated on a regular basis can be helpful to your business. For one, it helps you build trust with your customers. When customers can depend on you to provide them with valuable information, you can be sure that they'll turn to you for the products or services they need. Updated information can also help you establish your authority and even your business' existence. What do we mean? Say you are looking for a dentist. You found a website but discover that the last post was years ago. You'd probably think that the dental office is no longer in business, right? Outdated content does not translate well to potential clients who expect you to be updated, especially since we live in a digital age.
Update Your Website's Security
Today, security is one of the things that businesses should take seriously no matter how big or small they are. All too often, we hear about companies getting hacked and getting their customers' information compromised. This can make your clients lose trust in you and can greatly hurt your business. Make sure that the company you choose to build or host your website prioritizes your website's security.
Improve Your Website's Design
There are businesses out there that only focus on content but overlook the importance of the design and navigation elements of their website. You don't want to be one of those businesses. You want to be sure that your website is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and neither boring nor obnoxious. There is such a thing as a perfect balance in website design, and that's what you should aim for.
Everybody likes things that are new and fresh - the latest and the best. We know it and you know it. So why should you allow your website to be outdated and bland when updating it can make it stand out?
Even if you don't know how to do it yourself or you're too busy running your business, that should not be an excuse for you to have a website that is less than stellar. Let Danger Dynamite help! Reach out to one of our experts, and we'll talk about what we can do for your digital presence.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:17

Does Your Current Blog Need Fixing?

You are a business owner. Naturally, you'd want to try things that can help your business. That may be the reason why you got into blogging a few years back when you heard it can improve traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, your blog wasn't able to deliver the results you expected. No one is reading your blog, and you're no longer motivated to write.

Is this a familiar scenario? Do you think your blog is stagnant and not reaching your audience? If you are unsure whether or not your blog needs to be overhauled, here are some tell-tale signs (and how you can fix them):

There are no share buttons. One of the reasons we love social media is how they're the perfect platform to share your blogs on. Now those social media platforms won't be able to do that if there are no share buttons for your blogs.

Your blogs are hard to read. Perhaps you are using a font that is too small or the font colour is too bright (let’s leave neon technocolour fonts in the 2000s?) or maybe the page is too dark. Even if your content is really good, if it's a little challenging to read it, you can bet the person reading it will go somewhere else where their eyes won't be strained from reading.

You don't provide anything of value. This is the opposite of that last one. If you're just publishing just for the sake of publishing, you should stop. You should always provide valuable content. Why? It's because every post is possibly your one chance to impress your guest on your website and get them to come back. You don't want to ruin a chance to get new customers because your blog post doesn't provide valuable information, right?

Your reader has to go through a lot of steps just to comment. Nobody wants to jump through hoops (we're looking at you CAPTCHA) just to be able to leave a comment. If you were in your reader's position and you really liked what you read and you wanted to say something, wouldn't you feel annoyed or even frustrated if you can't do it right away?

If you recognize any of these signs then your blog does need fixing. But how do you do that exactly? With all the things you have to take care of, your blogs may not be on top of your list. However, blogs are too important for your business to be neglected. With Danger Dynamite's help, you can have the best possible blogs for your website. You get to enjoy its many benefits without having to worry about it! Let us help you turn your blog into something that truly reflects what your brand is all about.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:14

You Need Professional Web Design Services

Your website is not that different from the front of your shop or office. It plays an important role in making sure that you achieve success. When people pass by your business, you want to make a positive impression - good enough to make them pause and step inside to explore more of what you have to offer. Your website should function the same. You want to impress people who visit your website from the moment the homepage populates. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else.

When people visit your website, they expect to see quality and professionalism. You want them to feel that they are in the right place where they can find the information that they're looking for and the services or products that they need.

The very last thing you want is for guests to think that your website is poorly created or a scam.

Because 75% of web visitors judge a brand's credibility based on web design, it's only appropriate that your website tells your story and showcases your brand professionally. The only way you can achieve that is by getting web design services from actual professional designers.

A professionally designed website can set you apart from your competition. Do not forget that there are already millions of websites out there from the same industry as yours. You are definitely up against some stiff competition. If you are able to produce a high-quality website that looks really professional and inviting, then you are one step closer to achieving online success. You don't want to drown in the sea of plain-looking websites. You want to stand out!

A website that is created by a professional will also improve your marketing campaign. Because a website with excellent design generates interest and customers, potential customers will stay on your website and you won't be disappointed with high bounce rates! This helps your rank in Google search results, too.

Your website serves as the foundation for your online business. A website that looks like it was created by a fifth-grader is suspicious and is likely to drive your potential customers away.  A beautifully designed website, on the other hand, can help ensure that your brand is noticed and remembered in a good way.

Now that you know why you need a professionally designed website, the only thing left for you to do is find a pro web designer who can create the website of your dream. Well, you need not look anywhere else! Danger Dynamite can create the perfect website for your business that will exude professionalism and credibility and at the same time reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Talk to us today and we'll discuss with you our ideas for your website!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:09

Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Undeniably, in today’s landscape, digital marketing should take up a big portion of your marketing strategy. This is understandable. After all, there’s only one place where you can find all businesses and consumers – online. If you want to be able to find them, reach them, and connect with them, you have to be present online too.

As a small business, the whole digital marketing landscape can be overwhelming, especially since trends rarely stay the same for years or even months. Also, you already have to invest your time and energy into running your business. However, that does not mean that you should be left unaware of what digital marketing strategies will maximize your return on investment for your business.

Establish Goals and Identify the Tools You Need

Just as you established your goals before you started your business, you should also have your marketing goals in mind before any strategy is employed. Be as specific as you can. For instance, you might want to generate at least 50% more leads compared to last year.

Once you have identified your goals, you need to know what digital marketing tools you need to achieve those goals.

Assess Your Existing Digital Marketing Channels

When you are thinking of the digital marketing channels that you can incorporate into your strategy, it will be helpful if you can evaluate those that you are already using. Once you have a clear idea of what you have and how they are used, you can start thinking about which ones you should keep and which to cut.

Create Your Buyer Personas

One of the most important things to know when you are marketing, whether it’s online or offline, is who you are targeting your efforts to. The best strategies have detailed buyer personas in their foundation. Needless to say, you need to create them. Your buyer personas will represent your ideal customers. As much as possible, you should use real data instead of making assumptions when creating them.

Audit Your Content

Assuming that you already have existing content. You should make a list and rank them based on their previous performance in relation to the goals you have now. The point is to figure out which of your content is working and which is not. This will help ensure that you’re creating the right kind of content for the goals you have in mind.

These are some digital marketing strategies that can help you broaden your presence online. Managing your own digital marketing can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are also busy growing your business. Here’s one more tip for you – enlist the help of professionals! Danger Dynamite has a great team that can handle your digital marketing strategies so you can focus on what you’re good at. Give us a call today!

We have all suffered the same embarrassment: we see a good friend from a distance and wave enthusiastically, only to be surprised when she gets close, and we realize that the person we thought was a friend is a complete stranger! A few hours later we’re still trying to figure out what it was about that person that caused us to mistake her for a friend.

Just as we make this kind of honest mistake, websites, too, do not always recognize their true audience.

Every single day, hundreds of new websites pop up to serve various purposes: to market a service, gather a community, voice opinions, and to sell products. More often than not, site owners put all of their energy into creating their websites without realizing that they need to do one important thing first - perform audience research. Many business owners are driven by passion and act on instinct. They believe they know who they're creating a website for.

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made. It's very easy to fixate on a target, waste a few months (and potentially a bunch of money) before you realize that you're not actually hitting the mark!

That is why it is really important to obtain precise customer analytics to safeguard against mistaken identity.

Here are some tips on how you can get to know your audience:

See what your competitors are doing. Observe their brand and the marketing strategies they use. What is their brand voice like? Try to figure out why they prefer certain images over others, and why they choose specific phrases. It doesn’t mean your competitors all know what they are doing. There is a chance that they suffer from mistaken identity, but even then, you can have a look at what works and what doesn’t.

Take time to read comments. This is especially important if you do content marketing. You need to know how your audience is responding and how often they are engaging. When you monitor engagements, you can see which topics appeal to your audience and which ones fall flat.

If you want a more straightforward way to find out more about your audience, you can conduct surveys. Surveys in a question format work well. Know, however, that for your audience to actually take part of the survey, you may have to offer an incentive for their participation. You can give tokens or as most customers love – discounts!

You invest time and money in your marketing efforts. Don’t let that go to waste by targeting the wrong audience. Danger Dynamite can help you with all your digital marketing needs and make sure that you’re getting your message across to the right audience, the right way.

Thursday, 29 March 2018 16:26

Video Marketing: Is It Really Essential?

If you are like most business owners, you are thinking of ways you can improve your digital presence. People are always finding new ways to send message to their audience. For instance, video has become an important tool in the marketing world, and if you’re still not using it, you are definitely missing out.

Ever since the television has taken the world by storm in the 1920s, video has always been considered and excellent way of relaying information while providing entertainment. Now technological advances allow us to effectively tell our story with video using a variety of platforms. Indeed, video has become a vital part of our daily lives.

In the world of marketing, video provides marketers with an innovative, fun, entertaining, user-friendly, and best of all, shareable way to reach a wider audience.  

If you are still resisting adding video to your marketing plan, here are some facts you should consider:

People Respond to Videos More than Other Formats

Can you believe that 59% of executives report that if they have to choose between video and text, they are more likely to go for video. Today, many companies realize that consumers respond well to entertaining videos. Consumers of today are always in a rush and are quite impatient That’s why short but informative videos work.

Video is Very Accessible and Highly Shareable

About 92% of mobile users who watch videos share them with others. Social media sites play a big role in this as they provide a “video-friendly” platform for everyone. Even apps that weren’t video-friendly have had to adapt and incorporate videos for their own survival.

With just a click of a button, a video can be easily shared. You can post it to any page or send it privately through a message. They spread incredibly fast across the internet.

Video Reaches Young Audiences

Every week, consumers between the ages of 13 to 24 spend approximately 21.1 hours watching online video content. So if you want Millennials and Generation Z to be a part of your audience, target them by using video in your marketing efforts. One way to accomplish this is by creating an entertaining series on YouTube. You can create “behind the scene” stories that bring your audience into the inner folds of your business culture.

Videos tell your story. Whether it’s an explainer video, a company overview, or a documentary, video is an amazing way to catch the attention of your viewers and keep them coming back!

So are you ready to try video marketing for your business? Danger Dynamite can help you! Contact us today!

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