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Kristen Murphy

Kristen Murphy

What if one small change could explosively grow your business overnight?

The secret is simple: social media marketing. Unfortunately, many companies don't know how to use social media in a successful way.

Keep reading to discover the best social media campaigns and what your business can learn from them!

1. Peel

Peel is a company that sells super-thin cellphone cases. After a successful execution of their social media marketing campaign, they became social media superstars.

They basically have a three-part social strategy. First, they utilize vibrant Facebook videos to showcase how well their product works. Second, they make their products pop with beautiful images on Instagram, causing them to stand out in Insta feeds. Lastly, they respond to comments and questions like lightning on social media, ensuring prospective customers feel valued!

2. Social Glims

Social Glims is a company that helps small businesses expand. And they've expanded their own brand through some deceptively simple techniques.

Much of their content focuses on marketing tips, meaning that prospective customers will gain knowledge from their posts. Amongst the informational content, they post hilarious images on their social feeds.

Whether it's to laugh or to learn, consumers quickly discover that Social Glims is offering content that is both relevant and free to everyone reading it!

3. General Electric

General Electric may be the oldest company on this list, but they understand the importance of making their "older" company look like it's hip enough to hang with the cool kids.

Their strategy is to hire professional filmmakers to record their research exploits in stunning locations such as the "Mouth of Hell" in Nicaragua. Customers come for the beautiful imagery and stay for the thought-provoking research findings!

4. Wayfair

Wayfair is a company that sells furniture of all types. And their social media strategy is clean and simple: they chose to cut out the middleman.

They started out by offering beautiful imagery of their furniture on Instagram. And now, they use Instagram's built-in shopping features to allow interested customers to shop directly from the app.

Customers follow to see the amazing interior design. Then, with the click-of-a-button, they can see prices and navigate to links, allowing them to buy every piece of furniture they like!

5. I Boom Media

Sometimes, the old tricks are still the best tricks. And that's the lesson of I Boom Media!

This company uses social media to discuss (appropriately enough) in social media marketing. But there is a secret ingredient to their success: positivity.

Amongst the practical knowledge, they insert genuinely uplifting messages into their feed. Customers walk away feeling empowered and also experiencing gratitude for the company who facilitated this elevated state.

6. Net-A-Porter/MR PORTER

Net-A-Porter and MR PORTER use conventional social media very effectively by highlighting the clothing they sell through absolutely jaw-dropping images and video.

However, they also went and created their own app called The Net Set. The app tells users what various fashion icons are wearing and how they can steal the famous look.

Additionally, the app allows users to keep track of their wish list, and it even makes recommendations based on photos that users upload!

The Best Social Media Campaigns: The Bottom Line

Now you know how the best social media campaigns have achieved their success. But do you know who can help you reach your full potential?

At Danger Dynamite, we specialize in all aspects of analytics, marketing, and social media. To see how we can help your business reach its potential, contact us today!

Saturday, 07 July 2018 14:03

Is Your SEO Affected By Social Media?

Social media is part of our daily lives, this we cannot deny. However, there are many business owners who still wonder what the benefits are of having a presence on social media platforms.

There are a number of ways social media affects your business, but we are going to focus on one of the most important areas: what social media does for SEO.

It is important to understand that while social media signals such as likes, reviews, and shares do not directly affect search rankings, they do have an effect on your SEO efforts. For one, having a social media presence helps increase your online visibility and improves brand recognition. It also broadens content distribution and gives your content a much longer lifespan. Most importantly, being active on social media drives traffic to your website.

So, "Is your SEO affected by social media?" Yes. Yes, it is. Read on to find out exactly how.

Social Media Boosts Online Visibility and Brand Awareness

The whole point of marketing is to increase leads and ultimately, sales. The more that prospective customers see your products and read about your services, the more opportunities you have to successfully convert them. Now, think about the last time you "Googled" a certain brand or company. If you remember, the first page of results displayed the brand's actual website. What else? Yes, it also showed links to the Facebook reviews about the brand, tweets, and YouTube videos, among others. What does this tell us? Social media results also show up on Google's search results and they are often on the first page. This gives your online visibility and brand recognition a significant boost.

Social Media Extends the Life of Your Content and Its Reach

On average, there are 1.45 billion daily active users on Facebook. Yes, that's how many people are consuming and sharing content.

The lifespan of a published blog post largely depends on the algorithms of search engines, as every article you post competes with thousands of similar articles. Social media gives you an edge here. Reposting blog articles on social platforms allows you to control distribution and even extend the life of your content. Through social media, people can discover and share your content, content that they may not have otherwise found.

As you can see, having a social media strategy in place can positively affect your SEO as it can help improve your rankings and brand recognition, as long as it is executed the right way.


A few recommendations to improve your platforms are below:

- You should not just have a profile on one platform, but at very least all the major ones.
- You want to make sure that you optimize your profiles by using keywords and of course, linking back to your website.
- Update your contact information so that it’s accurate.
- Most importantly, interact with your clients and prospects by responding to comments, whether they're negative or positive, and answer queries with a friendly, yet professional tone.

Now that you know about social media's importance in SEO, what should your next step be? Reach out to Danger Dynamite and we'll talk about what we can do to help you with your SEO and social media marketing! 

For years we viewed social media platforms as somewhat "personal" and as a business owner, you've always stuck with marketing platforms that you believe are more "professional”. However, social media cannot be avoided any longer. No matter how much you try to deny it, the truth is: we are in the golden years of social revolution - and you can't afford to miss out. Social media is here whether you like it or not. The thing that you should consider now is how you can use it to your advantage.

If you have been living offline, or perhaps your business really is brand new, you're probably itching to ask: Where do I begin?

To help you out, we'll discuss some of the basics of social media that you should learn and understand as a business owner.

First of all, social media is not traditional advertising.

Here are some factors that you need to consider before you get involved in social media as a business:

* You should humanize your brand. Show your brand's personality to people. This is the perfect platform for you to show everyone what you're all about. Your brand should be known for a certain characteristic - are you witty, funny, inspirational? Be creative but be consistent too.

* You have to be here for the long haul. It's not something that you just do in one weekend. It's an endless responsibility. But that's just as well because it also delivers endless opportunities for you and your brand.

* Be open and, more importantly, be honest with what you share. People are in social media to connect, to find support, to find people with the same ideals and interests. You should be open to providing advice, especially about your industry. Be as honest as you can when giving your opinion as well.

Social Media Platforms to Choose From

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin - there is a social network for every type of audience. What you need to know is where your customers are. This would require some research. Do not just guess. You don't want to waste your social marketing efforts on a platform if your target audience is not going to be there to witness those efforts. Choose networks that will allow you to reach and gain potential customers. Know where your people hang out and once you do, it's time to make your appearance on those popular spots.

Social Media Offers Equal Opportunity

Unlike television ads or billboards where only big brands with big budgets can get their prime spots, everyone is on equal ground in social media. It doesn't matter if you're a multinational corporation selling a household-name cookies or a small-town bakeshop who wants to tell the world about your amazing cupcakes. In social media, you can reach the audience you want whenever and wherever they may be. It doesn’t even cost much!

Social media has, indeed, become one of the best tools for businesses big and small. And there's no reason for you to miss out on an opportunity to grow your business by establishing an awesome digital presence! Sure it can be overwhelming at first, but trust us, everything is going to be fine. The good news is you don't have to do it all on your own. You can contact Danger Dynamite and we can help you start and maintain your social media platforms to make sure that you're reaching the right audience when you need to reach them. Let's talk strategy!

No one can deny that content marketing plays a huge role in the success of businesses these days. Together with social media, it can greatly help you achieve your business goals. Not only is content marketing among the biggest changes we've seen in how brands market themselves, but it has also altered the way consumers respond and interact with a company.

But just because content marketing has been around for a while now, it doesn't mean that everybody has it figured out. In fact, there are some mistakes that many business owners and some marketers commit over and over again and how you can fix them:

Sales Pitches That are Too "Loud"

We get it. You want your content to drive conversions. But the thing is, if your sales pitch dominates the actual content, it can be distracting and can make your content unshareable. Your audience will look elsewhere for more useful and less self-promotional content. Remember to provide your audience with value first. If your content is solid, a hard sales pitch won't be necessary. It's best to let your audience come to the conclusion on their own that you can provide them with the solution they need.

Excessive Pagination

If your article is lengthy and has multiple sections, splitting content into a number of pages may be helpful. However, if the split is pointless and you just slice content into pages that aren't really necessary or useful to your readers, it can feel like clickbait and push your audience to leave your site. This reflects poorly on you. Make sure that you use pagination with care and avoid it unless it's really necessary.

Irrelevant Content

So you have interesting information that you want to share. The question is - does it belong on your website? If the topic has nothing to do with your website or your industry, that can be quite confusing to your visitors. And even if this particular content attracts traffic, it is unlikely to lead to conversions. Avoid posting irrelevant content. Instead, focus on content that fits your industry perfectly.

Autoplay Ads

If you listen to music or watch videos while browsing other websites, you know how irritating it is when a video suddenly plays somewhere and can’t be located immediately. When your website has hidden autoplay ads, you can expect a higher bounce rate. Even if someone checking your site is there for the content, these ads can easily annoy them, potentially costing you a prospective client.

Ineffective Site Formatting

Don't forget that when a guest visits your website, the first thing that he or she will notice will be the way your site looks. Even if you have really good content, that won’t matter when your guest leaves because your site is ugly or appears "spammy". The same goes for how you format videos, texts, and images. If the quality is lacking, it can make your site look unprofessional and users will deem it as such. Your website should also be mobile-friendly as the majority of users go online using their smartphones.

If your content is not working the way you expect it to, ask yourself if you are guilty of any of the above-mentioned mistakes. Take time to reevaluate your content and make sure that every single piece you post has value. If you believe you need help with your content, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals. Danger Dynamite's team is ready to create awesome content and make sure that it helps you achieve your business goals.