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Recieve 10% off new projects, or earn a 10% referral kick-back!

An astonishing 70 to 80% of consumers research a business online before making a purchase or visiting their store. Did you realize that? This alone is a compelling reason to invest in a website and digital marketing for your business. If you don’t have an impactful online presence, you may be losing credibility with potential customers, and ultimately losing business.

Everyone is looking for you on Google, and we ensure that they like what they find. Is your current website communicating your brand message? Does it provide an intuitive experience where users easily find the info they’re looking for? Is it a resource hub that your clients return to again and again? Whatever your business goals are, we will build you a website to help achieve those goals.

As part of our 10 year celebration, we have been offering 10% off specific services each month. Since these are challenging times for everyone, we’re extending the 10% discount to ANY new projects started between April 1st to June 31st. Promo projects must be newly quoted and signed off on during this period, while project launch dates can extend through to the end of 2020.

If you don’t have any digital media projects to tackle at this time, we still want to help you create new income streams, so we’re offering you a 10% referral bonus. Send someone our way, and if they sign off on a new project between April 1st and June 31st, we’ll send you a 10% kickback*. Let’s look at it this way, we’re all in this together.

*Yes, there is a little fine print (pun intended). Kickbacks only apply on project launch value. Long term add-ons, project scope growth and residual billing are excluded.

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