DangerDynamite has the advantage of in-house professional photography and videography.

 When you work with us, you gain access to a team that works together to bring your digital media to life and the benefit of a production crew who knows how to shoot for web, print and many other formats.



Is captured in an engaging, personalized experience

Represents your customized brand

Tells your story masterfully

Offers an enlivening, innovative perspective

Keeps memories alive

Moves people to action

Is specialized for your purpose

we offer

Product and Lifestyle Photography

Showcase the true value of your products and offerings through professional photos. In-studio photos can create a seamless, branded appearance across your website, social feed, and print materials.

Headshots and Business Portraits

Portray the image you desire with a thoughtfully created headshot. Whether you want to look modern and sophisticated, or warm and friendly, your headshot is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Real Estate or Architectural

Professional real estate photos are a necessity in our highly digital and competitive real estate market. Ensure your property stands out with stunning imagery.

Event Coverage

Capture those special moments at your next event for promotional material, as a gift to your attendees, or simply to keep as a photo memoir. Video coverage is a perfect compliment.

Social Media Content

Social platforms are not the place for content that feels like you’re flipping through the yellow pages. Social media is social! Captivate your online community with custom photography that reveals your culture and offers a special look into your products or services.


Custom Photo Shoot vs. Stock Photography: The Pros and Cons

55 percent of a first impression is visual. In marketing, creating a good visual first impression is key to drawing a customer in and making them want to make a purchase. If you're considering using stock photos on your site instead of planning a custom photo shoot...

Professional Headshots: Standing Out From The ‘Selfie’ Crowd

Professional Headshots: Standing Out From The ‘Selfie’ Crowd

In the vast sea of phone selfies, it is important to ask yourself: What image do I want to project? In the professional world, “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t quite apply. Image and first impressions mean everything, so with the wrong image it could mean...

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