Shopify COVID-19
Shopify is stepping up in a big way, and you can take advantage of this opportunity to stay operational during social distancing!

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The last week, and the future, has been a major time of adjustment for many brick and mortar retailers. For most, keeping shops open is not an option, and the real possibility of revenue streams drying up is looming. While building a dedicated e-commerce website isn’t something most have a large enough window to invest in (that takes a fair bit of time to build), there are short term solutions. Recently, the e-commerce giant Shopify has made an announcement that will help bridge the gap:

  • 90 day free trial (with no comittment long term). 
  • Local pickup/delivery option.
  • Gift cards.

This is a huge opportunity to keep short term revenues flowing for any business with a product to sell or service to offer. 

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