Video Production

To put it simply, video ups your digital game!

Video has become essential on every platform and channel. It’s engaging. It’s interesting. And it’s compelling! Our team of videographers create content that drives connection and brings impact to your message.


Conveys strategic messages

Forms clear, concise connections

Uses intelligently designed transitions

Provides an immersive, evocative experience

Incites action towards a strategic goal

Is optimized for targeted platforms

we offer

Video Ads

Video ads are now more affordable than ever, allowing you to reach a larger audience and increase your brand awareness, ultimately providing a greater return on your investment. Reimagine the way you engage with your audience with video ads.

Social Media Content

Video is influencing the way businesses tell their stories! Entertain, engage and inform your audience in new ways with custom video content made for your social channels.

Brand Explainer Video

Usually short videos that deliver a clear message or describe a product or service in an exceptionally engaging and entertaining way, explainer videos are great for telling your audience who you are, what you do, and how you’re exceptional.

Event Coverage

We cover any event that you’ve got planned, from business presentations to Pride fashion shows. The footage can be compiled into a full-length video for your archives, cut into shorter promotional videos to advertise for next year’s event, or customized for any other use you can think of.

Live Streaming

Whether you’re streaming a conference, hosting a live Q&A, or performing a concert, we can connect your event to your audiences online.

Motion Design

We utilize graphic design in videos with animation and visual effects to create stunning transitions and engaging content.

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Why Use Video in Your Business Marketing Strategy

Why Use Video in Your Business Marketing Strategy

Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote still holds true, today: the medium conveys the message. So what are the marketing strategies - of newsprint ads, paper fliers - of the past communicating? What changes when we incorporate video? Read on to learn why you should be using...

Is Video Marketing Right for You?

Is Video Marketing Right for You?

The time to start video marketing is now. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Depending on your market, there are a number of ways you can advertise your brand and products. There is still the traditional route that you can take, which...

Video Production & Live Streaming

When it comes to effective marketing strategy, leveraging video is the key to getting the best return on investment possible. That’s where DangerDynamite comes in.  We provide a number of industry leading video services to cover all of your needs.  No...

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