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An aesthetically well designed, functional and informative web presence will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward for your online clients. We have you covered.

Your website is the face of your business. Gone are the days of using the YellowPages or a phone call as the first way to find out about a business. Your consumer/client base largely uses the web to research their next purchase and find out about the business' or organizations they wish to interact with. This interaction is their first impression.

Your website must possess that “WOW Factor”.

An aesthetically well designed, functional and informative web presence will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward for your online clients. Your website is literally an extension of your personal message and your business’ message, be sure to communicate that message effectively to your clients! As the local Saskatoon marketplace continues to grow, DangerDynamite! takes pride in being a leader for website design in Saskatoon, ready to help you stand out in the marketplace.

The perfect website is like a beautiful symphony.

Every piece of your site must flow seamlessly together to communicate the message you have. Keep things simple and to the point, but also keep the content informative and appearance stunning. The phrase “looks aren’t everything” could not be farther from the truth. A website is similar to love at first sight- if there isn't instant attraction, we will probably keep on moving.

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Responsive CMS Architecture

Gone are the days of mobile vs tablet vs desktop versions, with responsive design, your website works anywhere.


Not only do you have full, unhindered control over your content with a DangerDynamite website, but your content will adapt to fit on any screen size on any device or platform. Our CMS architecture leverages the latest and greatest technology,the ultra powerful Bootstrap system built by Twitter, to ensure your website works everywhere.Bootstrap is packed with features such as a 12 column grid, LESS CSS3 coding, dozens of slick functional components and the latest Javascript plugins just to name a few. Bootstrap is built to get the most out of every browser regardless of platform and ensure your website never lets you down.

Design Meets Function

You define what function your website needs, then we make it work and look amazing for your site visitors.

smallbiz and ecommerce

Whether you need state of the art E-commerce that integrates with your Facebook page, email marketing campaign tools or advanced security tools - we have you covered. Your website is built with flexibility in mind, and we have a tool belt stuffed full of the very best tools the industry has to offer. Let us know what you need and we will show you the very best options available to make your website the amazing piece of wizardry you have been searching for. We also include with every website cutting edge backend site management components, content editing tools integrated directly into the CMS, advanced site caching capabilities to make your site and a whole bunch more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you have a killer website, but you're on page #40 of Google? No problem, we can put you on page #1.

seographic webdesign2

Danger Dynamite! is taking SEO to the next level. It is the science of attracting the most targeted and qualified prospects to your website. Optimize your traffic and see results.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media isn't rocket science, it just takes daily elbow grease and know-how. We can make the magic happen!


We have an intimate knowledge of how social media works, how it can be used for your business, and how to get you effectively communicating with your audience.